Buying equipment and paying school fees

Mwai Sylvester

Nakuru, Kenya

100% repaid



Mwai Sylvester


Nakuru, Kenya

On-time repayments

44 weekly installments  •  52%

About Me

Hello team ZIDISHA.My name is MWAI BONKE SYLVESTER from a family of 9 and a total orphan.I have FIVE sisters and THREE brothers.At the beginning of this year i lost my mother after a short illnes and it's twenty years since our dear father left us.I have been brought up in a good simple happy family with lots of struggles and hustles just to make an end meet.My mother use to see tomatoes and groceries to take me and my siblings to school.I am the 6th born in the family and to see how life was i had no option but to work hard in school.I went to shitochi primary school in kakamega town though i was born in nakuru town,from there i joined Ingotse boys high school did well in my KCSE exams and qualified for university entry.Joined university in 2010/2011 .LIfe was not easy so i decoded to do some small groceries business and transport business during weekends in order to cater for some bills.I remember i had joined zidisha and it really helped me alot because i was able to get some funds from zidisha that helped me out to pay my college fees till i finished the university then graduated in bachelors of ARTS MUSIC WITH IT.
After university i decided to nurture my talent more and pursue what i love doing which is music.I therefore told my parent i am going to start a music business.Therefore,with the help of my mother she gave me ksh 50000 just to buy music equipment and rent a room where i can start my own music classes.Bought a guitar and a simple piano and music materials and slowly it started.I started with a number of 3 students and as time goes by they increased to 10.That helped alot in 3 months i was able to make an income of ksh 40000.I used the money to invest in the music.I was able to go ahead and start recording music that i have written and they are on youtube you can check #SALI MUZIQ that is my youtube channel and you will get my projects there.The bussiness grew and my revenue has increased to ksh 90000.This amount i get when writting songs for people,music lessons and currently i got a permanent job at an international school that i earn well also and i use the money there to invest more on my music.
Life has really been not easy because music has not been well received in our community and people have this nortion that music can not provide for one.So at times we would sleep hungry and even being chased our from our rental apartments but i didnt give up i continue with the vision coz of the passion in me. Currentyly i am able to pay school fees for my little sisters and am also nurturing new talents and changing the minds here that talents pay.
My hobby is to spend time with kids and dance and share stories and reading new books and i love to go for adventures.The unique thing about my land here is that there are so many resources to be capitalised and the only thing i need is money to invest and create more job opportunities for others.
I am currently living with my nieces and nephews and they want to become artists and doctors in future and i promised them that i will make sure their dreams come to pass.By making sure they study till where they want to be.Thank you zidisha.

My Business

My business involves music.Where we train instruments,vocals,production,music theory and music business management that is branding packaging and marketing AND WRITING SONGS AND MUSIC THEORY .I use my savings from menial jobs that i am currently working as a music teacher. The demand for consuming music indeed here in Kenya is so high till they have started play Kenyan music only and i tell you music is now the best business and thats why as a music consultant i have seen how musc pays.Because we sell our music online,we sell one on one and we get good events where at the end of the day i enjoy doing music for lifetime.Done adverts for some products and companies and indeed i have to say music pay.I now need a loan to finance my current projects I need ksh 50,000 to help promote the brand name of my music and using all the channels to make what i am doing is being listened and played in the TV stations and radio stations and the feedback i will be getting is that indeed my music is changing life and also,my product is sweet to the listeners and that will help me attract more big endorsements.And,as we launch the new video song we have to be shooting a new video song and it needs ksh70,000 so that we keep our fans yearning for more and supporting us more. In a good month i get a turnover of ksh 100,000 and after meeting my expenses i remain with kes20,000 this cash is usually pumped back into the business.The major challenges in this sector includes high inflationary trends and stringent government regulations especially the municipal council and also the music piracy but so far so good i have mange to enjoy the fruits of hard work .i will use the profit from my business to finance the loan and also from my current job in a school will help me more to finance the loan very easily.THANK YOU ZIDISHA.

Loan Proposal

Thank you so much ZIDISHA for this wonderful opportunity.I want to start by letting you know i have a great number of students in my music class i need to add an acoustic guitar and music books for my students,capos and plectrums and this will cost ksh5000.Then again i have a small sister in college and i pay her school fees and i will take ksh2000 and boost her college fees.The remaining ksh1760 i am going to purchase sound proof cardboards for my music room and paints and lights to make sure the music room looks nice and well equiped and beautiful.Thank you so much for always supporting me.Thank you ZIDISHA.





  • michellev    May 13, 2014

    Repaid loan in full, but extremely early. Not sure what the point of the loan was.

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    • Mwai Sylvester    Jul 21, 2014

      hello michellev my second loan i have now finished paying it after two months now and before even i cleared it my repayment rate was 90% and now after clearing it it has gone down to 87% and still applying for the same amount the 3rd time for real is that logic.

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  • howard    Apr 10, 2014

    Thank you, Mwai, for your very quick and efficient repayment. I am very glad that the loan was so helpful to you.

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  • LA    Jan 28, 2014

    Missed one early payment, then repaid entirety of a 2-year loan in the third month. Was this to get a bigger loan? There's not much of a track record here, but loan was repaid in full before the due date.

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Classic Loan

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Apr 11, 2019

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On Time

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4 weeks

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Credit risk payment: $13.19



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