Goats for the Christmas festivals

Joseph Gatiba

Kimende,kiambu,kenya, Kenya

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Joseph Gatiba

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February 2014

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About Me

I am aged 28 years old and married with one child, i have worked with two communication companys as a sales person namely yu and airtel kenya dealing with their products , i done this for two years and since i had a passion in relating with people and traveling, i decided to start a business that i would be doing direct sales /marketing and with the knowledge i had accuared when in the two companys i decided deal with mobile phone accesories / assorted electricals and electronics, i had saved twenty thousand shilling and i decided to use this as capital although the business is good i have been having the problem of goods since i didnt have enough capital and i believe if i can get enough money my business can get to another level.

My Business

I have a business where i am dealing with mobile phone accessories like chargers memory cards ,batteries, housings, screen protectors , lines,plus assorted electricals which i supplies to retailers who own accessories shops in various towns and by doing this i save them the time and money they can use when coming to Nairobi to shop for the same goods. It has been a good business because they even have my number so in case they need something they just order and i organise myself and i never let them down. I have one employee but as the business grows i hope to add more people and that way i will also create employment currently i have about 100 retailers who rely on me to supply them and I believe many more can be found if i had a financial support. .Thanks a lot Zidisha team i believe with your support I can achieve my dreams.

Loan Proposal

Dear lenders first and foremost i want to say thank you very much for your continued support to me and many more borrowers around the world, you have been a blessing to me and my family,
I have a business idea that i believe will work very well during this festival, with the loan i will get from you i will buy 20 goats @approximately 40$ each plus 5$ each for transport and i will resell them at my home area at approximately 65$ each i will get them from the local farmers and i have an advantage since a good friend of mine has a lorry that we will use for transport and he is charging me well ,by this i will make approximately 400$ within this month. I believe this business is viable since almost every home slaughters a goat during christmas and there is a shortage ,with the profits i will get from the sale i will use 250$ to upgrade a poultry business that i started recently at my local home in nyeri by adding more chicks,and use 150$ to learn a driving course since i have been having that idea for a long time. Since the goats business is just for a short term, i will get back the total cash within one month and i will use it to upgrade my current mobile phone accessories business by adding more stock of simcards and replacement cards,this way i will be able to buy in bulk mostly when they are cheap since they have been moving very well recently.
Looking forward to your support
I promise to repay in time .





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Classic Loan

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Dec 3, 2014

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70 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $1,117.00 at 7.73% annual rate over 70 months = $499.09

Service fee: $59.20




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