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Victor Mose

Enosaen, Kenya

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Victor Mose

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July 2013

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About Me

I accept God as my personal saviour.I'm married and blessed with lovely children. I'm a Kenyan citizen hailing from Kisii county. I'm also a farmer, entrepreneur and a servant to many including but not limited to my society. I strive to make positive impact in the society to develop and nurture talents. Together as team we shall make our world a better place for ourselves and other generations to come.

My Business

About my business
It is not always easy but I always strive to get the very best from it. Capital is my single biggest constraint but I appreciate the little which have been blessed with to maximize the the best from it. Prudent capital management is my ultimate goal in the long run. Any grant or loan accorded at a reasonable cost will be deployed and managed effectively in order to maximize returns.

Loan Proposal

I request you to lend me the said amount to enable me buy herbicides to be applied in my fields to eliminate weeds from my farms. The first loan really helped me to buy one bag of fertilizer which I used to apply to my small horticultural farm which as now fully germinated. My onions are really doing well but they need to be weeded regularly and if possible apply a top dressing fertilizer in the next two weeks in order to maximize production.
I plan to buy five litres of Weedall at a cost of USD 13 per litre and 5 litres of Round up at a cost of 18 USD per litre. 60 USD dollars will be used to pay for labour to spray those chemicals manually. This is estimated to cost me USD 215.
I once again promise to repay my loan as per your schedule from my monthly salary and partly from my retail business.
Thanks and regards
Victor Mogoi Mose






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Classic Loan

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Jul 28, 2014

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On Time

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2 months

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Lender interest: $130.29 at 8.19% annual rate over 2 months = $2.05

Service fee: $0.90



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Oct 10, 2014


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