Buying of a printing machine

Mwenzi Mwendwa

Karatina, Kenya

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Mwenzi Mwendwa

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July 2013

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About Me

I am mwenzi mwendwa,still a youth and a holder of degree in political science and public administration from Karatina university. Am from a family of 7 and my parent lives at Ruiru. I reside at Thika where I have opened a small business of printing and photocopying near where i live. One of the drives that motivated me in venturing in this kind of business is my Passion in entrepreneurship. I have always liked trying various business opportunities since i was in high school. My business is situated close to the Mount Kenya University and this makes most of the students to be my potential customers. I use my cash that i get from my business to cater for my needs.My business is doing quite good and i wouls wish to expand it by adding some more machines so as to serve my customers in a more effecient way. With support from zidisha team, this will be possible and am hoping to be a successiful businessman in future.

My Business

I have a photocopying and printing business situated at Thika. Some of the things that drove me towards starting this business is the fact most of the students rely on printing and photocopying of their assignments and notes.This gap in the market made me try to venture in a business specializing in photocopy and printing. I have remained quite competitive since the business is located in a strategic place that favour the students who for this case are my target customers. I also try to be friendly to my customers as much as i can and also friendly to thier pockets. I charge them quite less compared to other businesses considering the fact that they are students and not working casses. This, among other reasons, has enabled me to retain my customers and my business is doing well despite some challages and risks which are common in all businesses. One of the challages that i face is the time. I do this kind of business alongside other things and being a small business,am the only person who manages it. Therefore, i have to close the business for some times and open it when am free. Sometimes this leads to inconvenientment of my customers but with tym i will have to employ a staff will be working on full time. Am hoping to expand my business by adding some more machines to cater for the growing demand of my services to my customers. This will contribute to effecient ways of serving them.

Loan Proposal

hello zidisha team. i have all the reasons to be grateful and congratulate you for the support you have been offering to young and upcoming entrepreneurs. i have benefited from the loan that you offered to me that enabled me to add on whatever little cash i had saved to buy a photocopy machine. since then, my business has improved a little and i have made quite good profit using the machine despite some small challenges of competition which are normal in the world of business. i would again request another loan which will enable me expand my business to another step and anticipate to increase my profits. am looking forward for a positive feedback and i commit myself in repaying the loan as per the zidisha terms and conditions which am already aware of. i will also try my best to maintain a 100% on time repayment as i have always been doing before. thank you in advance.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Apr 11, 2014

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

6 months



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Sarasota, Fl, United States



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