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Georgina Otieno

Homabay, Kenya

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Georgina Otieno

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November 2021

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About Me

Hi! my name is Georgina Otieno. I come from a humble background in a family of five siblings. when i was growing up,my community never saw the need of educating a girl child but, my father believed in me and ensured i went to school despite the cultural obligations. my dream was to be the first nurse in the immediate and the extended family despite the negative enviroment. Being the first child, it took courage, determination, love andsupport from my parents to achieve this goal, despite seeing my cousin sisters get married before they could make something out of their lives. After completing my A levels ,my father asked me what i wanted to do after school and i reminded him of my nursing dream, i had to promise that if i get the opportunity i will definitly graduate. Today as i write this i am a nurse specialised in mental health.
During the 2007-2008 post election skirmishes i had to go and work in laikipia, one of the remotest place in the northern part of the Kenya. I lived in a reserve where wild animal attacks and bandits were no news, children their had no basic education and could not afford a meal and being in nomadic community they moved alot. As a community nurse i had to use resources within my means that could only do much. Later i was transfered to the lake region also known as Nyanza at a county called Homabay. Here also i encountered similar issues as i did in Laikipia though the clients eminated from a particular village called ogumo .So during a plolio campaign i was previledge to visit this village . what srtuck me the first time was the number of under fives that i got the first five days within this area. The unique thing about this population is that they were being left at home all alone while their parents go to the farm from morning till evening. I found in one home a five year old taking care of a three year old and a year old, the most pityful thing was that they were only left with a jug of porridge till the parents came back. These children were litterally vulnerable to harm, and ill health especially malnutriton. As we walked further with the volunteer i was i signed, i noted that the area lacked basic institutions like school and hospital,the ones that were near were more than five kilometers away and i remember reaching home and narrating to my husband about it, i couldnt keep qiute. I saw a need, a business opportunity to start a school that would provide proper nutrition, education and also play a custodial role. I felt that these children would get similar opportunities as my own and they can be able to dream as i did in a beautiful enviroment near their home. thus the begining of GEOMATT PREPARATORY SCHOOL.
so when am not taking care of those with mental illness, i get to track on how the children are doing in school.when am free i do like to do some gardening and reading especially, motivational books.

My Business

The school bussiness started from a community need in early 2020. At the school we ensure that the children are psychologically, physically, and nutritionally sound. Having the school in this area has been of greate help to both parents and children; none has to walk greate distance to access this services and the children are in a safe enviroment with qualified early childhood delopment educators.
School business is lucrative with facilities that nuture young ones and see the community grow, thus our motto( NUTURING ACHIEVERS)
Our cost are calculated on a monthly basis;
Teachers salaries (3)......................ksh 15000
Cooks salary (1) .......................ksh 3000
Maintainance and operational costs .............................ksh 5000
Water cost ........................ksh 5000 per boozer
The business revenue is from the fees paid.
The reason why a loan from zidisha community would be highly appreciated, is for the purchase of stationeries and play facilities that will attract more parents and their children, thus marketing the business. The profits will be used to make the facility more child friendly, expand the business and creating more job opportunities.

Project Proposal

The funds will be used to purchase stationeriesfor the school. This will easen the work of the teachers by having access to curriculm proposed tools.
it will also boost pupils learning capacity, hence improve performance.





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Dec 1, 2021

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