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Peter Karanja

Kimende Bathi Village, Kenya

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Peter Karanja

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September 2014

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About Me

Peter Karanja was raised in Kimende. I am a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Education from Kenyatta University. Having worked in various schools as a private tutor, I decided to establish a learning center in Magina Township to help the unprivileged students get an affordable education. I resolved to help pupils after someone paid for my academic. I decided to start Magina Preparatory School. This is a KCPE center that enrolls kids from class one to class 8. We have been in operation since 2011 up to date . We earn through the fees paid by students and run the school on donations from well wishers as well as the fees paid.The well wishers contacts me through my e mail ([email protected]).The area i live is a highland with a lot of rain so it's a productive area of green vegetables.

My Business

Magina Preparatory School which I am the proprietor is our main source of income. However I don’t view the school as an enterprise but as a place where unprivileged kids can have affordable education. The fees paid are used to pay 8 of our teachers and the remainders goes to buying pens, chalks and other amenities. We have been lucky to get the support of well wishers now and then to keep as going. However, I am also a large scale farmer, mainly dealing with wheat farming on rented land in Narok.Narok is a productive area of wheat. I intended to use my personal income to pay the loan as the funds from zidisha go into the buying two computer for school . On average I make $ 400 to $500 from farming on a monthly basis and thus will pay the loan comfortably.

Loan Proposal

Dear Lenders,

I run a preparatory school in Magina preparatory school in Magina township where we provide affordable primary school for the less advantaged in the society. The school needs a lot of upgrades in many areas. However the most urgent in terms of priority is the need to buy textbooks for the school. Currently we don't have enough textbooks in the school and sometimes one textbook has be shared by up to 4 pupils. This in turn affects the quality of education and by extension the pupil's ability to compete with pupils in other schools.

The reason for this loan is to buy extra textbooks for our school so that as many pupils can read them without having to share or at least reduce the sharing number to 2. I strongly believe that this is the journey to better things and that soon every pupil will have a textbook of their own in all the subjects.

The school runs through the fees paid by parents and well wisher. However, for this loan, I indicated earlier on that I also do wheat farming and intend to use the earnings from my farming business to clear the loan. I have committed to pay $ 11 (Kes 1,000) every Saturday towards the loan.

Be Blessed as we take Magina Preparatory to the next level.

Peter Karanja






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Nov 10, 2014

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