Buying & transporting of livestock to town market for sale

Seth Afari-boateng

Accra, Ghana

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Seth Afari-boateng

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December 2014

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About Me

Seth Afari-Boateng is my name. I am 22years of age. A recent graduate of the Presbyterian University College in Abetifi,Ghana. I studied Bsc. Mathematics with Statistics.

The town i had my university education that is Abetifi is sorrounded with over 13 small villages with population close to 50 for each.

Whiles in school, i had the opportunity to visit most of these villages by forms of outreach programmes to teach and impact the young ones the importance of Mathematics in education and life as a whole.

My Business

Upon my visit, i realised the main occupation of people there are farming and livestock. And even with that its very difficult for thier produce to be bought since road networks to the villages are very poor and bad in condition. This has then made their produce lie waste and rot after harvest. Their livestock also tend to grow old and later they consume it themselves.
I then made it a promise to help them sell thier produce and livestock whiles in school buy gathering money from friends and going to these villages with a small truck to buy and convey the livestock and produce back to the town markets for sale.

I first gathered 150cedis = $45 from friends.

I rented the truck for 50cedis=$15 for a day, bought livestock and farm produce with the extra 100cedis=$30 from them.

I later brought the goods to the town market and sold all and made a profit of 50cedis=$15 from the sale.
I repayed all the monies to took from friends and had about 20cedis=$6.3 for myself

This brought many smiles and happiness to their lives because the money the recieved made them enroll their children school and also have some money on them for upkeep of their farms and homes.

I then continued this activity once or twice every month depending on my schedule in school. I sometimes breaked even with me benefiting nothing but i was so excited anytime i get to the villages and see them with smiles of me coming to give them hope.

Loan Proposal

When I receive this loan, it would first of all bring many smiles and make many villagers dreams come true. This is how i would use the loan

Rent a much bigger Truck = $20 for a day
Fuel for truck = $10
Purchase Livestock = $60
1 Goat = $20, 2 Grass cutter = $10 each and 4 Chicken=$5each
Purchase farm produce = $10 (vegetables)
Bucket of pepper=$5
Bucket of tomatoes=$5 these vegetables are used on everyday basis.

Upon arrival below are the selling prices
Goat=$35, Grass cutter=$20, Chicken=$10
Bucket of pepper=$7 Bucket of Tomatoes=$8

A total profit of $60 will be made from the sale

I would then invest the profit back into the buying vaccines which costs $20 for the livestock and also use $20 to improve the health of some famers in the villages.

I would use the rest $20 for my transportation to and from the village to the city from the profit made.

Please do help me receive this loan not only for the profit made but also the smiles and improvement of lives this loan would give to about 200 people in the villages out here.

Thank you all for viewing /contributing and helping me put smiles on people. :-)






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jan 30, 2015

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On Time

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2 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $106.33 at 3.96% annual rate over 2 months = $0.83

Service fee: $0.51




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