Delivery bicycle for local grain sales

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Date Disbursed: Apr 17, 2015
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About Me

I am Wairimu Gathii, a second born in a family of three.I am 26 years old.
I graduated from Moi University in December 2014. I am now a student of the Advocates training Programme at the Kenya School of Law, for my post graduate diploma. Itherefore try as hard as possible to balance my studies and running my business, which you the Zidisha Community have graciously helped me own, and for that may God richly Bless you.
I hail from a single parent background and it is my mother who has
single handedly worked to bring up my siblings and i and give us an
The idea to get into business is in order to raise my family's living
standards seeing as we even live in the poverty stricken areas of
Nakuru county.
The school fees at the Kenya school of law is quite high and i would
like to be able to cater for myself and my family's needs. In order
to start my business, i had to approach a local community leader to
give me a boost for a start up small scale business, and food being a
basic need, was the most viable kind of business for me. The community
leader therefore gave me a few kilograms of cereals to start with,
before i could figure out a way to get on my feet.
What is unique about the land where i live is the fact that the land
is so fertile and the landscape is simply breathtaking ( I will be posting pictures of the same soon enough).
I love nature and taking in the Beauty of God's handiwork is simply breathtaking. I take long walks just to appreciate the beauty in almost everything i see. i love doing retreats with friends and take lots of pictures. I also love interacting with people and i do not pass by an opportunity to make new friends. I am not a good dancer, and honestly?, i suspect i have two left feet, though nobody has so far told me the same to my face. That notwithstanding, i love music and dancing my heart out, keeps me in high spirits, even if the same largely includes jumping against the rhythm with my hands flying all over the place. Did i also mention that i love books?, a good book can keep me hooked all day long, a hobby i like to believe significantly alters my vocabulary for the better.
My children, when they grow up, i like to believe will want to be like their Mama (means mother from this side of the sahara), trying to make it, against all odds.
I love traveling, i absolutely love nature, i love reading and i am a
highly motivated person.

My Business

I am a small scale cereals trader(though not so small scale now, thanks to zidisha) mostly selling to the ultimate consumer as my business has not expanded enough to make me a supplier.
I mostly trade in dry grains namely maize, rice, beans, green grams, lentils, to name but a few.
I conducted market research and did due diligence whereby I discovered that food products are very unlikely to lack a market because they are basic necessities. The target group for such kind of commodities is virtually everyone. Another motivation is that I wanted to contribute in food security (albeit in a small way), and ensure it`s done by ensuring that my customers are always well supplied.
The costs of this business come with the fact that I have to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar by paying what is due from me to the local government authorities(you know what they say, the only thing as sure as death are taxes). I also need to operate with a license and the backing of the health sector, seeing as the handling of food items is a sensitive matter.
My monthly revenue is averagely $ 150 and comes purely from selling the grains.My monthly costs go up to averagely $90.Giving me a profit around the neighborhood of $ 80 per month. The profits i get to glean from my business goes towards my savings, my education, and towards meeting my family's expenses.
I look forward to having a stable family in future as well, financially, that is.

Loan Proposal

Notice that i was previously just a retailer whereby customers had to come to my 'kibanda' (shed), to buy from my stocked choices of cereal or dry grains depending on their needs. Notice also that with my funding from zidisha, i was able to stock a wide array of cereal to avoid a scenario of a customer needind a type of grain that i did not have, which was a common occurence previously as some items are expensive to stock, for a small scale trader, as it were.
This instant loan will therefore work towards the business also becoming a supplier to the small restaurants all over town as i can be able to deliver right to my customers doorsteps, this will help give a major boost and keep me way above the competition. the loan will therfore be used to buy a bicycle which will be used to deliver the supplies within town and short distances, preferably a shimano or a BMX, which goes for roughly $255. this is keeping in mind the durability and the quality of the said models, making the same fit for purpose.
This will be of tremendous benefit not only to myself, but more so to my customers and the person i intend to employ to handle the deliveries.
My profits will literally hit the roof seeing as i will has expanded my customer base, and the fact that supply connotes bulk, meaning that the customers i get to supply will be ordering a higher quantity as compared to limiting my customer base to only those who show up at my shed. My profit margin will most certainly improve from the previous $100 a month to estimatedly $157 a month after deducting the expenses.

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Delivery bicycle for local grain sales

Wairimu Gathii
Nakuru Rhonda Estate, Kenya

100% Repaid