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Rose Mugati

Nakuru Town, Kenya

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Rose Mugati

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January 2015

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About Me

lam rose mugati blessed with one child attending school,after completion of university l ventured into rearing of birds l saw the the demand of white meat is high and l didn't waste any time and saw this was the best opportunity to over come the challenges lam facing in life from the little savings and some grants from my family l started the business of bird rearing
the place where l live has mountain,their is also crater and a game park
my hobbies are reading books and bird watching

My Business

lam a business woman in nakuru town nakuru county rearing birds selling to hotels,in the market and people in the village,people like my business because l give them good services,l also sell to them healthy birds and lam honest
l choose this kind of business because the demand for white meat is very high
l normally make between $150 to $200 every month
l normally use my profits to pay for my kid school fees,and the rest l reinvest to expand my business
when you offer me zidisha loan, I would like to add expand my business as I have more clients whose demand is high and would like to satisfy all my customers. Also buy feeds and medicines as the number would increase.

Loan Proposal

Dear Lenders,
With this loan i want to add more birds and also get there feeds in bulk. One chick goes for $1 and i want to add a hundred chicks which is $100. Then i would get the feeds a bag goes for $35. For the chicks to mature and ready to be sold i would require 20 bags which is $700.
This will benefit me greatly as i would be in a good position to run my business well without difficulty. My kid and family will also benefit for i will be able to provide for them easily.
With increase in numbers also translates to increase in profit. I believe things are going to stabilize and business will pick up as usual and the profits will be good.
I will appreciate so much when awarded this loan. May God bless you as you continue with the good work.





  • Sara    Feb 19, 2019

    Rose. Life has its particular challenges, but in the end God always provides for his. Trust, and good luck with your business :).

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Classic Loan

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Apr 26, 2018

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On Time

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10 months

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Service fee: $11.81

Credit risk payment: $47.27




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