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Alex Karori

Gathiga, Kenya

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Alex Karori

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July 2015

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About Me

Iam 26 years old having been born in a village gone to primary school through hard times of been in and out of school due to school fees due to my mother having no formal employment but through casual jobs in coffee plantations i managed to get good grades and get to high school still with the same problem .when i was chased out of school i would do casual jobs to help my mother top up the school fees and finally got to finish.A friend introduced me to local chicken farming and he gave me one to start with after it hatched i would sell eggs and suppliment my family basic needs,where i live people rely on what is available/local food and have a goodwill heart of helping each other.My siblings want to be doctors so that they can treat those in our village who lack the money to go to unique hobby is that i can be able to relate wit animals easily and produce sounds they easily recognize me.

My Business

i want to expand my chicken business to supply more eggs to a greater market so when i sell i can be able to repay the loan,these goods are in great demand because every household uses it during breakfast plus the are of great nutrition value,they are also used in hotel industries around here in baking cakes.being basic needs,food,people use everyday.The new business need i have noticed is also selling eggs for hatching which people are in great need of the breed that i rear they hardly miss a day without laying eggs I have managed to have a total of 30 laying chickens of which they lay eggs daily with each egg retailing at 10shs i earn 300 daily that equals to 90$ monthly with 30$being used to buy feeds.I use the rest 40$to pay my brother school fees of which is not enough and having a big deficit in the school fees balance since my mother is not working and the rest20$ in family uses.

Loan Proposal

Having gotten the loan will use 90$ to buy more stocks of chicken which will add up to 18 chickensof which 10 will be layers and 8 broilers so that i can increase the amount of eggs,meat supply and thus greater earning and 30$ i will use it to expand the sheds these will include buying wire mesh and local available materials which provide warmth wood precisely to avoid congestion which may lead to suffocation .Due to the high demand of eggs and chicken meat am also ready to keep broilers which are of greatest of i will be selling more eggs and meat also.Having gotten the loan i will have a peace of mind knowing my business will be expanding and support my family with ease and to my friends i will also introduce me to this business so that they can also overcome the poverty in our village I have also discovered cheaper feeds which can be made from a mixture of locally available cereals which will greatly increase the profit margin this what i wll use the rest 30$.





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Classic Loan

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Oct 10, 2015

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4 months

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