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Rose Mugati

Nakuru Town, Kenya

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Rose Mugati

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January 2015

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About Me

lam rose mugati blessed with one child attending school,after completion of university l ventured into rearing of birds l saw the the demand of white meat is high and l didn't waste any time and saw this was the best opportunity to over come the challenges lam facing in life from the little savings and some grants from my family l started the business of bird rearing
the place where l live has mountain,their is also crater and a game park
my hobbies are reading books and bird watching

My Business

lam a business woman in nakuru town nakuru county rearing birds selling to hotels,in the market and people in the village,people like my business because l give them good services,l also sell to them healthy birds and lam honest
l choose this kind of business because the demand for white meat is very high
l normally make between $150 to $200 every month
l normally use my profits to pay for my kid school fees,and the rest l reinvest to expand my business
when you offer me zidisha loan, I would like to add expand my business as I have more clients whose demand is high and would like to satisfy all my customers. Also buy feeds and medicines as the number would increase.

Loan Proposal

With this loan i want to add to what i have so that i can buy chicken feed that will last me that period until i sell. A bag of feeds goes for $30 and am planning to 15bags at once so that i can get a discount price of $28 which will be $420. This loan will help me buy the feeds in bulk and i will save compared to if i buy one bag every time. I profit will be a little bit more as i will save from buying at a higher price. though the margin is a little but it goes a long way. This loan will benefit me a lot as i will be at ease of not thinking where will i get enough money to buy the feeds. I will be very grateful when i will be awarded this loan.





  • Sara    Feb 19, 2019

    Rose. Life has its particular challenges, but in the end God always provides for his. Trust, and good luck with your business :).

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Classic Loan

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Feb 23, 2019

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2 months

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Service fee: $11.81

Credit risk payment: $47.27



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