Chicken feed (and seedlings & irrigation equipment)

Louis Oki Agina

Kisumu, Kenya

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Louis Oki Agina

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February 2014

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About Me

I farm chicken, cattle, goats, geese and ducks. I also grow vegetables for income. I started my business three years ago. I did so to support and educate my siblings and to fend for myself. I contribute to community initiatives like fees for the poor and also to fund economic empowerment projects. Earnings are also used to buy crop impliments, animal medicines, to cater for bills and expenses too. I will expand my herd, increase acreage under crop production and earn more from the work of my hands.

My Business

I started my business in 2010, its now 11 years since i started the business. i raise and sell chicken, cows, goats, geese and ducks. I also grow vegetable crops. I sell breeding and mature bulls and heifers, eggs, hens and cocks, geese, duck and crop at a profit, usually double or more eg capital of 30,000 gives returns of 65,000 net. My business has no inhibiting competition as the market is far from being saturated and is very profitable since it gives you double of what you input every month. At the moment the only risk is lack of water but I will invest on a big water tank and water pump to cut down risks. I will use the loan to invest in the business and am sure to repay it in very few days.

Project Proposal

If loan is approved, this is how I plan to make use of the funds.

1. Purchase of chicken formulation inputs Kes. 5,000/-
2. Purchase of seedlings, this will be tomato, kale and capsicum another Kes. 5,000/-
3. Purchase of irrigation equipment Kes. 5012/-

All this, done simultaneously will increase our output, our products, our capacity to employ and impact positively in the community





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Sep 11, 2021

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Paul Buchheit

Mountain View, United States

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