Chicken rearing

Elizabeth Mungai

Eldoret, Kenya

100% repaid



Elizabeth Mungai


Eldoret, Kenya

On-time repayments

186 weekly installments  •  71%

About Me

I am Elizabeth Mungai from Eldoret a student of Moi university I help raising my fees and my siblings through raring chicken I leave someone in charge taking care of them when am away

My Business

I rare kienyeji chicken for their meat and eggs kienyeji chicken are not so common around ...broilers will give you meat while layers will give you eggs kienyeji chicken have an added advantage since they provide both meat and eggs the eggs from layers are sold at 15 Bob per egg those from kienyeji are sold at 20 per egg since they are high nutritionous an advantage of rearing kienyeji instead of layers and broilers is that kienyeji are easier to take care of they fend for themselves and donot require much supervision and human contact.they are not selective...from my 400 chicken for Now where around 300 of them lay eggs am able to collect 300 eggs per day which I sell at 20 Bob that's around 6000 sh per day in a month I make close to 18000 sh and minusing the expenses I can say I earn 10,000 which help raise my university fee

Loan Proposal

I'll use it to purchase chicken build better housing and buy feeds I'll also pay the person in charge of taking care of my chicken in my absentia

Income Source

My business has not been affected alot I still have a stable market for my eggs in hotels and the market






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Sioux Falls, SD,  United States

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Mountain View,  United States

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Luxembourg,  Luxembourg


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Dan Y

Scranton PA,  United States




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Date disbursed

Mar 29, 2021

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

2 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: 5% of $195.51 = $9.77

Credit risk payment: $35.19

Optional expediting fee: $19.54

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