Massage machine for my healthcare center

Ernest Frempong

Accra, Ghana

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Ernest Frempong

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July 2017

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37 installments  •  65%

About Me

My name is Ernest Frempong, I did engineering at school. After my national service, I decided to go into a network marketing industry and I happen to learn a profession called Acupuncture Treatment. After my study to become an Acupuncturist I open my company called Parmatrans Wellness Centre, where I've practices Acupuncture as a career in treatment for some time now. All was well until I started running into some difficulties that put my work in very bad shape, now I want to face my realities and get my work back as a career. I need support in finance by getting a Loan to reshape my company and start my treatments all over again.

My Business

Circulation machine treatment requires Food Supplement Products and Acupuncture treatment Machines as treatment. I also educate many people on how to learn preventive measures than to cure. There are many Food Supplement Products that I will need to commence my business, am determining to buy more for my work. I also need a Circulation machines to improve my work as well. This is why I have decided to hold on Zidsha for a massive help and support to stand on my feet to work.

Loan Proposal

To purchase a health circulation massager for my Health Centre. This a my priority for my Health Centre, is my prayer that am able to get assistant for Zidisha to purchase this equipment for my Centre.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Oct 18, 2018

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

1 week

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $0.63

Credit risk payment: $2.03



Memphis, TN, United States


maryborough, Australia


Andrew and Kim

Nashville, TN, United States

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  • Ernest Frempong    Sep 12, 2022

    Am very grateful to my bankers and this unique platform that serves the needed and the less privileged of which am one. Am so proud to be part of this family. Thanks to my bankers.

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  • Ernest Frempong    May 4, 2022

    I have paid GHS 100.00 and wish to repay next week.

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  • Ernest Frempong    Apr 21, 2022

    I have not been well. I had a health challenge but am grateful because am fine now. I will effect payment to compete for my loan this Sunday. Am forever pleased with Zidisha.

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  • Ernest Frempong    Apr 15, 2022

    Very sorry, that I have not been well for some time now, I thank God for a fast recovery, am very fine now and I will revert my payment this very month. Very grateful to my genius bankers.

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  • Ernest Frempong    Feb 26, 2022

    Am very grateful to this platform for its support and hope were given to me since I've been a member. I know gradually am building my image to get a huge loan for my business, meanwhile what is given me is also helping me, and am so grateful. I will stay focused and proud of this platform. Thanks

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  • John Banda    Feb 25, 2022

    All the best!

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  • Ernest Frempong    Feb 3, 2022

    How am I be getting this difficult for my loan to be approved? This loan is not the first or third I have been given yet this very loan keeps telling me my loan has been suspended because my name and phone number is not available why all these difficulties?

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  • Ernest Frempong    Jan 23, 2022

    This is the receipt of my payment, the remaining amount will be paid next weekend. Am so much sorry for the delay in my payment it will not repeat itself.

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  • Ernest Frempong    Jan 23, 2022

    I was able to buy a few food supplements to sell and am looking forward to buying more and selling in the next month to increase my profits.

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  • Ernest Frempong    Dec 20, 2021

    Hello, Member currently I need a circulation massager machine that can help Loose weight, Burn Fat, Calories, and Blood in the system. This machine is very important to me.

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  • Ernest Frempong    Dec 18, 2021

    I have been a proud member and will continue to be proud to partner with Zidisha because they deliver at all times and I believe with time I may be able to stand to move my business to the level to compete for the market. Special attributes to my proud lenders keep the good work for my support at all times and the journey will be brighter for the future ahead of my career. Once again, I same am proud this is a home I will never turn my back for but rather stay focused and ever. Thanks

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  • Ernest Frempong    Dec 17, 2021

    Acknowledge my payment this is the receipt of my payment.

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  • Ernest Frempong    Dec 7, 2021

    This is the receipt of my payment.

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  • Ernest Frempong    Dec 7, 2021

    I have effect payment for today and will make sure I will finish my payment in time to be able to continue my goals in Zidisha. Building up goals needs determination and am convinced to overcome to get to the top of my success.

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