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John Musyoka

Thika, Kenya

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John Musyoka

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July 2014

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About Me

I am 31 years old man and i got born again at the age of 28 years while is was in college. I went through primary education and completed in the year 2001 where i got 350/500 marks. I joined form one in the year 2002 in Masinga Boys' High School up to form four in the year 2005 where i got grade C plain. In the year 2006 and 2007 i work with Masind Dam Resort , a five Star Hotel as a Hotel controller. In the year 2008 to 2010 i went to Moi Institute of Tech-knowledge where i did a diploma in Banking and Finance. In the year 2011 i stated a business of selling jeans as i was waiting to get my job. In the year 2012 i started to sing gospel songs and now i am planning to produce my first album which will cost me 2500 US dollar. This is my project of the year 2014 that i am totally dedicated to see it out to the glory of God.
I was born third in a family of eight, six children and two parents. All was not well due to financial need. My father was hard working in small scale farming and raising school fees was not that easy for six children. Despite of many challenges we are managing in life growing slowly in our businesses and in our academic profession.
As children we are working our best to see the life our parents improve. It have been always my dream for my family to stabilize financially, and this propels me to work an extra mile in business.

 Singing (Gospel)
 Watching Educative Movies
 Swimming

My Business

I started my business in the year 2012 after completing my course on Banking and Finance. This was my was to avoid me being idle wasting my time and resources as i was waiting to get my job.
The business turned out successfully and even after i got my job i never closed it because it turned out successfully. I employed three staffs who are honest and hard working people. I have a plan to expand it now to be a wholesale Boutique where i will supplying to retailers within the town. I engaged another strategic way of marketing to expand my clientele by going to the offices and market my product. People give me their sizes, with description of color of the cloth that they want and i do deliver to their offices in a good package style. It has turned out gloriously. I will use the loan to invest in the business to increase my production.

After i moved to a new renting house my business has picked so well and now i am making more profit than before. Monthly i do make sales of US Dollars 900 with expense of US Dollars 480.

After opening new detergent shop, the business picked up so well and and now fully persuaded to to make it a wholesale.

Loan Proposal

Now that i have expanded my business from retail to a whole -sale and increased my retail customers from 15 to 22 among many other walk ins, then i am very sure that this loan will give me another chance to venture in the new market fashion of clothes and hence make my world better.

I am planing to open a new branch for my business and i will use Ksh10,000 to buy new stock, Ksh 2,000 will be used to make up shelf in the shop, Ksh 1,000 will be used for painting in the shop while Ksh 1,000 will be for labor plus transport and Ksh 900 for miscellaneous.
This new branch is located near one of the local universities around and the place is viable to sale more clothes to the university students as well as workers from within university. Apart from the university the business is near stage where is visible from the distance and this will give me a good sale in this year.

I have a strong faith, skills, and knowledge that will make this business shine more and more. I have come up with a new strategy whereby if a customer buys any kind of clothe from my shop then i offer a handkerchief for free. This has given me a now name as my customer spread the word of new free handkerchief .

I would wish to thank Zidisha for enabling me to turn my world a better place through easy and convenient loans which have friendly interest rate for easy repayment. Thank you in advance.






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Feb 4, 2015

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On Time

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5 weeks

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Lender interest: $165.62 at 7.34% annual rate over 1 month = $1.30

Service fee: $0.66




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