Loan to buy stock for ladies clothing business

Burhan Ebrahimji
Kaloleni, Kenya
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Volunteer Mentor: Mercy Muthoni

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Disbursed Amount: $50.08
Date Disbursed: Jan 20, 2015
Repayment Status: On Time
Repayment Frequency: Weekly Projected Term: 2 months
Cost of Loan: $1.00
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Service Fee: $50.08 at 5% annual rate over 2 months = $0.52

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$0.48 + $0.52 = $1.00

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About Me

I have been a full time Businessman for a period of 5 years. I have introduced a few items because of the small capital I had.I do Computer Repairs as well part-time this can as well help in paying back the Zidisha loan. I speak English & Kiswahili, I thank GOD for the success he has given me till now. It is my aim to provide my clients with quality clothing and fairly priced items at my shop.
I begun this business from Money I borrowed from My Aunty Five Years Ago.
The Business was doing very well for about 3 Years then it sells started going down there after becuase of the economy & location.
There after. I closed it down & moved to a new location which is superb becuase it near a passage for people & its near the road.
Most of the items I Sell is clothes for women tops I buy at 1 Dollar & Sell at 5 Dollars, Dresses I buy at 2 Dollars & sell at 6 Dollars, handbags I buy at 1 Dollar & Sell at 7 Dollars,
We have also introduced New Dreeses Buying at 50 Dollars & Selling at 55 Dollars but we sell according to client.
Becuase of Zidisha my family has been able to live a comfortable life & they are very grateful.
With The Help Of Zidisha & Lenders My Son Next year is going to school 2016
I am very Grateful & pleased with Zidisha it is doing a great job for me & my family.
Thank You In Advance.

My Business

My Business has expanded from the loan learned last year . Which I bought afew items below as 2 pcs power banks 5, 000 mah Dollars and sell Dollars,2pcs car Modulators bought at 3 Dollars each and sell Dollars each, 2 Beats By Dr Dre speakers I bought at 19 Dollars and sell 27 Dollars each,3 pcs bluetooth earpiecei bought at 8 Dollars and sell at 15 Dollars Each,Samsung Chargers bought at 4 Dollars and sold at 8 Dollars.
I bought 2pcs iphone chargers at 5 Dollars and sell at 10 Dollars each,mini bluetooth speakers bought at 20 Dollars and sell at 30 Dollars ,bought 10pcs glass protectors each bought at 2 Dollars and sell at 8 Dollars each,Psp Chargers I bought at 5 Dollars and sell at 10 Dollars ,also bought an infinix phone at 80 Dollars .
The loan really helped but the stock was not enough since clients needed alot of items & more and more variety with time and I was able to add more stock bit by bit.
I still still operate from home but I hope as the businwss expands each passing
Month its growing and eventually will have to secure a shop , stock accessories there and sell to peiple at my county and different counties.
Headset buy at 15 Dollars and sell at 25 Dollars,playstation controlers buy at 15 Dollars and sell at 35 Dollars ,Office Desk Phome bought at 55 Dollars And sell at 65 Dollars.
I also sell different phone brands chargers buy at 4 Dollars and sell at 8 Dollars,I also sell different phone batteries I buy at 4 Dollars and sll at 8 Dollars.
I sell variety of products and if I dont have I usually take from my friends who sell the same things & sell making a profit so paying back the loan will be made easier, I also do computer repairs & my other business is also selling used clothes whIch my wife runs and she earns something and supports us in paying the loan.
I am very grateful for the loans zidisha has been able to assist me with to cater for the high demand with clients .
Thanks Once Again zidisha team & lenders.

Loan Proposal

I will buy items on wholesale Price & Sell Items on weekly Basis which will help a lot when paying the loan.
I also Move to the Buyer Destination To Make My Sales I don't wait For My Customers to come to my shop hence high chance of selling.
The Items are New & Highly New In The Market so they have high chances of selling.
The Items are For Ladies & Market is quite high because the ladies like to change with fashion.

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Loan to buy stock for ladies clothing business

Burhan Ebrahimji
Kaloleni, Kenya

100% Repaid