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Boadi Alex

Bechem, Ghana

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Boadi Alex

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August 2017

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About Me

As the first male born of nine children i started school while i was with my parents. Then in 2007, when i got to primary five, my father brought us(by then seven siblings) including my mother to our hometown and went with a different woman to stay with. I managed to complete JHS in 2002 upon the hardships i went through of helping people on their farms for money. My intention was to stop schooling and enter into farming by then, but with the little help from my mother i was able to complete in 2005. Since my result could help me further my education, i continued at the University for Development Studies in September 2014. Upon entry, it was only in the first year i could pay my fees in full. For subsequent years i remained number one on the debtors' list till completion when i gathered money from my National Service allowance to pay before taking my certificate.

My Business

Since my intentions have been to enter into large scale farming i have secured over twenty acreages of land to plant cashew to be shared equally with the landlord which is termed in our local parlance here as ''abubu'' I was motivated by the fact that cashew has become the next cash crop after cocoa in Ghana, providing income for people who go into it.
Moreover, i don't want to always remain a dependent, rather self-sufficient individual capable of helping other people such as Zidisha is doing.
Since it is a cash crop and needs time to mature i have not started gaining anything in the form of revenue from the cashew yet. Not this withstanding, i do plant yam, cassava as well as maize which i do sell to hire labour. I do spend an estimated amount of over five thousand Ghana cedis(GHC5,000.00) per annum on the farm. This amount is distributed in buying weedicides, cashew nuts for planting, cost of hiring labour and other farm tools.
In addition to the cashew, i do plant cassava maize and yam, and proceeds from there go to help my other brothers and sisters in their education. Finally, intenda using part of my salary be repaying the loan since i am a teacher.

Loan Proposal

hello lenders with you financial support can now be strong and do my farming work , l thank you for helping to be able to do my farming activities financially . please l l am asking for this loan to buy cocoa seedlings to be planting my cocoa farm , and it it will help my to get additional acres of loan of cocoa farm thank you





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Classic Loan

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Oct 3, 2017

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7 weeks

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