Cocoa seeds and rubber bags for nursery

Listowell Asiedu

Berekum, Ghana

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Listowell Asiedu

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February 2015

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About Me

Listowell Asiedu is my name and I am a man of 26 years old, I was born on 8th November 1988 in a village called Biadan which is about 10 minutes drive from main township of Berekum municipality.
I am dark in complexion and I am 4.4 feet tall. I have 4 siblings with me been the second born of my parent. I am single and studying Math and Science by distance learning at the University of Cape Coast Ghana. The food I cherish most is rice with beans stew and fish. The game I like to watch most is football and wrestling. I like reading a lot and making friends all over the world.

My Business

After completion of my Secondary School Education, I started to find something to do so that with a little help from my parents I can continue my tertiary education because I have younger siblings that needs to be cater for by my parent and closely looking at my community I opt for nursery of cocoa seeds simply because, majority of people living in these area are cocoa farmers. They have good land for agriculture and for that matter many of them choose to grow cocoa. I use that opportunity to start to cocoa seeds nursery. Few people were doing that and during the farming season cocoa seedlings become scarce. I was able to produce 3000 cocoa seedlings in my first year of and to my surprise; people were chasing me for it. As I am speaking, I am able to produce 30000 cocoa seedlings throughout the year. This has been the major sources of income to me and the family.
Some of the challenges associated with the cocoa nursery include; ordering of the cocoa seeds, nursery site/space/shade, potting/polybag filling, planting seed, watering, and pest and diseases control. I am able to manage all these challenges and always be in profit. I know with a help from Zidisha and the Lenders my dream can be fulfill

I promise you, I am going to pay back to your satisfaction, because people are patronizing my services, I am able to make profit and can pay the loan from these profits. Thank you.

Loan Proposal

Please if you consider me and give me this loan, I am going to use it to purchase cocoa seeds and nursery bags so that I can increase the number of cocoa seedlings I am producing. I want to satisfy all my customers and this will help increase my income in other to continue with my education too. I am therefore pleading with Lender to support my project. Thanks for your help.






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Apr 7, 2015

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On Time

Projected term

6 weeks

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Service fee: $9.00



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