William Okola

Eldoret, Kenya

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William Okola

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December 2014

On-time repayments

86 installments  •  73%

About Me

My name is William Okola, born 42 years ago in Suwinga village in Ugunja Division Ugunja District in Siaya County. I went to Suwinga Primary School, then proceed to Eldoret Secondary School. I am marriaed to Eunice Okola and God blessed us with four children, thus two boys and two girls. I had been involved in doing odd jobs, selling second hand clothes and other ready jobs like constructions etc. I came to start my business after working for a friend in his farm for one week and then see the need to start my business of selling second hand clothes for 15 years. I am now working as a taxi driver and driving a van that transport people from one place to another.

My Business

People can call me so that they can hire my van for transportation and looking forward to buy another van one day and expand my business. Getting money to buy a car is not easy but after saving for a period of time as enabled me to buy this van that am using now. I choose this business because it has been my dream since I was a young child. The life has been not that easy but I thank God that zidisha will help me to achieve my goals.

Project Proposal

I William I would love to request a loan that can enable me buy equipments for construction so that I can continue working without any challenges of building equipments. I would be much grateful when my request is accepted and the loan is given to me. This will be a great help so that my income can increase and be away of feeding my family and getting enough resources to enable me pay school fees and other things for the family. Thank you and appreciated. In regards, yours faithfully William Okola





Project Info

Project Type

Pay It Forward

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jul 27, 2022

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $29.86



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  • William Okola    Aug 12, 2022

    The business is down due to elections and I would like to adjust my instalment

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  • William Okola    Jul 26, 2022

    Thank you so much for funding my project, I will be buying materials that will enable me to expand my business. This business will be a very great blessing to my family. Thank you again for making this business possible for me.

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  • William Okola    Feb 12, 2019

    The last loan, was a great help even though there were some challenges that made me pay late.

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  • William Okola    Jan 28, 2019

    Dear Zidisha, I am paying my full loan today. The reason i have been not faithful paying my loan as i was before, because when i adjust to pay 200 per week or 100 per week you give me two/ weeks then you return back the heavy burden that I cannot afford so make me to be frustrated and not pay in time. I am sorry for that as well. I am requesting that after my completion of my loan payment, please refund my membership money due that I will not continue to borrow from zidisha. Zidisha is not helping anymore, instead they are taking from me and giving me more burden and paying the full amount that have not even received. Instead of growing my business is bringing me down. Anyway thank you for being there for us. May God bless you as you serve others here in Africa, Kenya.

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  • Gideon Kiprotich    Jan 2, 2019

    Okola has got some complaints becouse of issue 1&2 about about zidisha,he will be forwarding to zidisha team,however he promise to make payments this week.

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  • Gideon Kiprotich    Jan 2, 2019

    Okola is complaining to zidisha about issues 1&2 of which he will be forward to zidisha team,however he promises to make full payments soon.

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  • William Okola    Nov 6, 2018

    I will pay 50 shillings

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  • Gideon Kiprotich    Oct 17, 2018

    Okola is facing some difficulties at the moment, therefore promises to pay back as soon as possible. Thank you lenders.

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  • William Okola    Aug 28, 2018

    I would like to reduce my instalment to 100 because my business is down.

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  • Gideon Kiprotich    Aug 11, 2018

    Hello, close communication with lender make it better.

    Incase you are at any difficulty that prevent you from making payments as scheduled,it is advisable that you make adjustment on your payments and let lender know as to why,thank you.

    Your mentor.

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  • William Okola    Jul 15, 2018

    Thank you so much for lending me this money.

    This money will help me to do service for my car.

    This will make my transportation business to run smoothly.

    Thank you.


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  • William Okola    Jul 13, 2018

    Want to thank you so much for lending me last loan.

    I was able to buy tires for my car.

    Much love William

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  • William Okola    Jun 14, 2018

    I want to thank lenders for accepting my request.
    I will buy four tyres to enable my business run smoothly.

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  • William Okola    Nov 20, 2017

    I will be grateful when I will get another loan. You are helping a lot.

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  • William Okola    Nov 18, 2017

    Please I will be happy if you lend me again another loan.

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  • William Okola    Nov 18, 2017

    It is also my prayers that in the future will buy another car for hire so that my business can grow and bring more customers to me. This achievement is for the family to benefit from the business, when it grows.

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  • William Okola    Nov 18, 2017

    Dear my lenders I want to thank you for lending me this money that has enable me to buy some spare parts and making my business to grow. I have many customers that are coming to hire my van am glad.

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  • William Okola    Nov 15, 2017

    I will be paying more next time.

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  • William Okola    Oct 14, 2017

    Thank you so much for the loan.

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  • William Okola    Oct 7, 2017

    Dear lenders, I want to thank you so much for the previous loan that you gave me. This loan helped with my business, but this time I will be buying spare parts for my car. I will be able to share with you the progress of my business as I progress. Thank you and God bless you my friends. Much love, William

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