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Byron Omondi

Nairobi, Kenya

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Byron Omondi

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July 2022

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About Me

Hello Zidisha,
I am Byron Ochieng Omondi. I graduated with a degree in Education Arts in 2020. However, I have been unlucky to secure a job even the interim ones. Recently, I started training on content writing. I have been training on this and started doing some work using a friend's laptop and it is causing a lot of inconvenience. For instance, sometimes I am offered a task but the owner is busy with the laptop or away. I was looking for ways to acquire a laptop to help me realize this dream.
Thank you.

My Business

My business idea is to purchase a laptop and embark on content writing. I have started writing and can earn about Kshs 500 per day. This earning could be better if I had my personal laptop and could work all the time. It is a viable idea because it does not have expenses.
This can possibly sustain me and provide for other society members.

Project Proposal

I will pay cyber charges to further my skills in content writing. I want to be more experienced in preparation for when I'll have my personal laptop.





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Pay It Forward

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Jul 21, 2022

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Service fee: $1.25

Optional expediting fee: $2.99

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