Continued expansion for my cyber cafe

Damaris Kamau

Nairobi, Kenya

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Damaris Kamau


Nairobi, Kenya

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98 weekly installments  •  59%

About Me

My n.ame is Damaris. populary known as Dama by my friends, I'm a single mother of two boys that I have raised through all my ups and downs. I was raised in Mukurweini constituency in Nyeri county. I went to high school in Tumutumu girls in Nyeri I passed my O levels exams later I joined Temple college where I did secretarial studies. I was then fortunate enough to get employment at Jomo Kenyatta foundation, a publishing firm in Kenya. I worked as a secretary and clerk. My rank in the company rose through the years, as i was a dedicated, hard working and competent in my job. Unfortunately I was prematurely retrenched as the company was getting to grips with the digital era that forced it to downsize. On top of the company through bureaucracy and corruption refused to pay our dues. We filled a court case my friends and I. In the process we lost a lot of money and time of the litigation process. I thus decided to go my own way and use my skills to make money on my own without depending on employment. partly this was because of necessity. And God has been good to me thus far. With my skills I opened a small office that has grown through the years to become a small cyber cafe. With my skills I bridge the gap of computer illiterate people, e.g. boda boda riders in filling out forms and helping them achieve their goals. The people in my area have the utmost trust in me because of my competence, friendliness and resourcefulness. therefore they have entrusted me to many of their Sacco as treasurer, secretary and chair lady.. I am also was an evagelism team treasurer at P.C.E.A Ngundu church. I am an active member in many self help groups and i donate my expertise to help the needy access to government help at no fee. especially the marginalized in the community. Am a community Health Voulonteer. I love traveling and prayer.

My Business

I had a Cybre cafe where i offered various services like typing, scanning, printing and lamination. These services have gone down due to school having bought computers and many people are in the same business i have thought it wise to start another business of selling cereals to our community. I would love to buy cereals.Now there is more need than ever for me to expand the business because i have a market nice that Those who entrusted my services have bought computers and a government IT schooI has been opened in our area adjacent to my business. Parts of my profits i actively engage them in Gods service to the marginalized.other times I work as a CHV dealing with affected& infected mothers and children with HIV. If I get this loan will start, with selling of Vegetables, potatoes cereals, etc. Due some problems I went down financially but I believe God is opening another chance. God bless all my mentors I enjoyed the time we had together.

Loan Proposal

Dear lenders, thank you once again for your support. Ever since i joined zidisha, you have continued to see me through my expansion journey. My goal has always been one computer at a time. I hope to have a big establishment in the future that will offer cyber services to more than 20 people at a time. I have added a few more computers to my shop, and my business is doing well. This has enabled me to keep a good performance record with zidisha. If i am fortunate enough to get funded, i will add an
extra computer (computer number 2 out of my goal of 4) and another printing machine. More customers will mean that i would need to cater to the extra demand in printing and photocopying requests. the total cost will be 30,000ksh. i will use the remaining amount to buy more stationary for my cyber cafe.





  • David    Jan 16, 2020

    Loan was originally scheduled to take three months. Repayments were smaller and slower than planned, but the loan was fully paid in 20 months. Comments in the Discussion section explained several challenges to the business. I admire your commitment to your lenders.

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Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

May 8, 2018

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

20 months

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Service fee: 0% of $276.41 = $0.00

Credit risk payment: $49.70




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