Mary Nyambura Thuo

Bangladesh, Kenya

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Mary Nyambura Thuo

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April 2014

On-time repayments

146 installments  •  84%

About Me

heloo zidisha team first I want to thank all of you for your support, my name is mary I grew up in a vellage life was hard and after my education i came to nakuru town where i started my business is doing great the loan you lend me earlier has helped me to grow my business and am so thankful for that I pray that God will bless you financially so you can help other Small business owner thank you ones again.

My Business

I do hairdressing and sell cosmetics in my saloon the money you lend me earlier helped me add some stock in my shop. Am hoping that if my limit will get higher so that I can borrow the money I need to import cosmetics products from outside our country I want to add some Ealing's braids and beauty products. thank you in advance

Loan Proposal

With this loan I will be able to stock my shop add some new products. I will add some braids which I use for my hairdressing work and other beauty things thankyou

Income Source

I also do hair dressing which adds to my income so it will not affect my repayment. Together with the profit I'll get for selling cosmetics products. The money will be able to pay the loan





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Nov 20, 2020

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

6 weeks

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $7.09

Credit risk payment: $7.80



Trinidad, California, United States

Paul Buchheit

Mountain View, United States

Silke Lange

Oldenburg, Germany

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Date repaid

Jan 4, 2021


Fully repaid

Repayment History

Expected Payments Actual Payments
Nov 30, 2020 $13.06 Nov 30, 2020 $13.06
Dec 7, 2020 $13.06 Nov 30, 2020 $1.61
Dec 7, 2020 $11.45
Dec 14, 2020 $13.06 Dec 7, 2020 $0.48
Dec 14, 2020 $12.59
Dec 21, 2020 $13.06 Dec 14, 2020 $0.48
Dec 21, 2020 $12.59
Dec 28, 2020 $13.06 Dec 21, 2020 $0.48
Dec 28, 2020 $12.59
Jan 4, 2021 $13.05 Dec 28, 2020 $0.48
Jan 4, 2021 $12.57