Norbert Sow

Bobo-dioulasso, Burkina Faso

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Norbert Sow

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January 2013

On-time repayments

54 installments  •  56%

About Me

I live at Sector #2, Avenue of PERE NADAL, Lot 267, Parcel E, Door 865, DIARRADOUGOU BOBO-DIOULASSO. I have a family of six people, a wife, four children -- one boy and three girls -- all educated, including myself. We all live in BURKINA FASO, in the economic capital of BOBO-DIOULASSO, located at 365 km from the capital, OUAGDOUGOU. I am currently a financial advisor for SCEMB and I also run a small pig farm. I decided to get involved in pig farming in order to have more financial resources to provide for my needs. With the profits that it generates, I pay part of the education for my two girls who are still in secondary school, I provide better food for my family, I pay the rent, water and electricity, I pay for clothes and I will be able to help people in need.

My Business

It is a business of fattening swine with 7 pigs, and three others who are being fattened during 4 to 5 months. The kind of pig to fatten is the Korhogo race and the target market is the local market. Clients prefer to buy my production because I offer a competitive pricing. Statistics in BURKINA show that pork supply is insufficient. This means that today’s pork industry is still profitable. Risks are minimized through health monitoring by the state technical officers, and controlled diet administered to the animals. With a healthy diet, one can reach 100 and 1030 kilograms of liveweight for a 4-5 months old pig. Specific monthly costs: food for growth, completion and veterinary costs make 2,220frc CFA/day and 26,650frc CFA/month, or a total expense of 133,200frc CFA. Monthly sales reach 585,000frc CFA, hence the profits of 451,800frc CFA.

Loan Proposal

As soon as I obtain the loan, I will pay for other pigs around 25 to 30 kilograms to fatten them up and sell. I will be able to increase their diet, and pay for other veterinary care. This will allow me to be able to sell more pigs and make more profit.

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About Me

Je réside au secteur n° 02, Avenu du PERE NADAL, lot 267, parcelle E, porte 865 DIARRADOUGOU BOBO-DIOULASSO.J’ai une famille composée de 06 personnes, une épouse, quatre enfants dont un garçon et O3 filles tous scolarisés et moi-même. Nous vivons tous au BURKINA FASO, dans la capitale économique BOBO –DIOULASSO située à 365KM de la capitale OUAGADOUGOU. Je suis actuellement conseiller financier à la SCEMB à côté de cela, je fais le petit élevage de porcs. J’ai décidé de mener l’activité de l’élevage de porcs, afin d’avoir plus de moyens financiers pour pourvoir a mes besoins. . Avec les bénéfices que cela génère, je paie une partie de la scolarité des deux filles qui sont toujours à l’école secondaire, j’améliore l’alimentation de ma famille, je paie le loyer, l’eau et électricité, je paie les vêtements et j’arrive à venir en aide à des personnes qui sont dans le besoin.

My Business

C’est une entreprise d’embouche porcine avec 07 porcs, et trois autres qui sont mises en engraissage pendant 4 à 5 mois ; le chois des porcs à engraisser est la race korhogo, le marché vise le marché local. Les clients préfèrent acheter ma production pas ce que je pratique des prix attractifs c'est-à-dire moins chère que la concurrence. Les statistiques au BURKINA montrent que l’offre du porc est insuffisante. Cela signifie que la filière de porcs de nos jours est rentable. Les risques sont minimisés du fait du suivi sanitaire des agents techniques de l’Etat, de l’alimentation contrôlée administrée aux animaux. Avec une alimentation rationnelle, on peut parvenir entre 100 et 1030 kilogrammes de poids vifs pour un porc de 4 à 5 mois. Les coûts spécifiques mensuels : aliments de croissance, de finition et les frais vétérinaires font 2220frc CFA/jour, et 26640frc CFA/mois, soit une dépense totale de 133200frc CFA. Les ventes mensuels s’élèvent à 585000frc CFA , d’où les bénéfices obtenus qui font 451800frc CFA.

Loan Proposal

Dés que je rentre en posession de ce prêt, je vais payer d'autres porcs d'environs 25 à 30 kilogramme pour les engraisser et les revendre. Je vais pouvoire augmenter leur alimentation, et payer d'autres produits de soins véterinaires. Céla va me permetre de pouvoir vendre plus de porcs et faire beaucoup de bénéfices.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Mar 11, 2013

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

12 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $499.86 at 6.26% annual rate over 12 months = $32.94

Service fee: $23.28



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  • Norbert Sow    Jul 7, 2016

    thanks for your support

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  • Guillaume    Jun 10, 2015

    Norbert would like to say thanks to every lender who trusted him, he will keep on repay on time, but he is not able to connect to the Internet very often.

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  • eagle3    Mar 12, 2014

    I mighty proud of Sow's repayment of his loan. He has done a great job and the interest he paid will help others like him go on to greater success.

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  • James    Jun 22, 2013

    Hi everyone,
    I am the current Client Relationship Intern for Zidisha in Burkina Faso.I saw Mr Sow a couple of mornings ago. He says that everything is going to plan and that he counts on selling his then fattened-up pigs around September (6 months of feeding). Until that time he will be relying upon alternative sources of income but for now he doesn't think that monthly repayment will be a problem.

    Pig farming is for now only a side activity, but Mr Sow wants to buy his own plot for the pigs and, thanks to strong local demand, expand his operation. He is very kind with his words for the Zidisha lenders and believes that over the next three years time he will become independent and no longer rely on Zidisha!

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  • eagle3    Mar 5, 2013

    Congratulations on receiving your loan. I applaud your hard work and initiative to improve you and your family's life. I will be following your progress with great interest. You have my sincere best wishes for great success.

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    • Norbert Sow    Mar 22, 2013

      I regret to respond to your message late and I apologize. I was on the move to the country in search of good and healthy animals. Thank you very much for your encouragement and I look forward to this funding advantage to succeed in business. Again thank you for your support. Here is my Email [email protected]

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