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Silas Magoi

Morop, Kenya

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Silas Magoi

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November 2012

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About Me

I am married with four children, three boys and one girl. The two boys are in Eldoret College and one girl and one boy are in a local secondary school.i was born in Elgeyo, Marakwet district and i went to Iten primary school in 1966 where i finished my primary school education in 1970, i was a very good runner, by then i also used to play football. I moved from I moved from Iten in 1986 and came to live in Nakuru in a village called Morop. Am a real residential in this village. I own a small shop located in this village where i earn for my family. Am struggling to educate my children since i did not proceed further with my education during those early days. I would like to learn more by enrolling in a college where i can get to have an opportunity to study. Morop is just a neighboring village next to kiptangwanyi trading centre, i am happy to get zidisha news from my friend, Abraham Mwangi who is also our group chairman.in fact i am one of the sinior community official I am the chairman of Divisional peace committee and Mr Abraham is my vice chairman and we are working together with the provincial Administration and we are doing good in keeping peace in this area.

My Business

Am running a small shop here at Morop trading centre the business is doing well the demand of the comodities are in a very high demand i also own a cereal store whereby i buy cereals during this season n sell the product when the demand is high i usually earn from 8000ksh to 10000ksh per month with my business.during this time i need more stock to serve more costumers the demand of commodities are in a very high demand. i started the business in the year 2004,and since there were no shops when we started the business in this area.The shops have increased and there are several. One of the challenges i used to face, was transportation but am happy i'v managed to buy a new motorcycle which i use to transport goods from kiptangwangi trading center which is about 2 kilometers to Morop. I will be glad if i get a loan from zidisha which will enable me to expand my business.one of the challenges which have been facing this business is transportation most of my clients are willing to take commodities from my shop due to low prices they usually collect my goods which i have already taken from Nakuru,I am planning to open another to our nearby trading centre.

Loan Proposal

dear lenders, am so grateful yet to have this worderful chance to apply for my third loan.with this loan, am planning this time to continue with my on going project,which is dairy farming.dairy farming is doing so well in this region,and this is why i like this project. am currently milking a local cow, which producies only five liters of milk. we sell this milk to a local company known as brookside company.the company usually buys the milk in liters.i hope to buy a good and productive breed, which will produce a lot of milk. in this case i will sell the milk and also my little childrean will benefit from the milk.its my high hopes that you will fill my bids as before the end of this week, so that i can fulfill my dream.





Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Dec 18, 2014

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4 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $94.17 at 8.06% annual rate over 4 months = $2.69

Service fee: $1.17




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