Digital computer for saving files and documents

Ewusi Ebenezer

Sunyani, Ghana

25% repaid



Ewusi Ebenezer

Member since

August 2016

On-time repayments

83 installments  •  20%

About Me

I am Ebenezer Kwesi Ewusi ,am single with no kids and i started my education at wesley preparatory school sunyani,and i later went to police experimental for my junior high school certificate.I also went to sunyani senior high school.In times of hardship and difficulties i stand firm and strong as a man and i also consult any people who are ahead of me for solutions and do Alot of search and fast and pray TO God and i finally take my decision myself.The business was own by my dad and he run it for many years and i started working with him since i completed high and due to that and my commitment and my seriousness and my hard working,my father built a trust in me and he let me told the full responsible of the business ,And i have been the over rall boss for the business for one and half year now and things are going on very successfully.I live with good and loving people,most people of where i live are kind,loving,honest,faithful,trustful,responsible,respectful,caring and God fearing people.And i also live in the city center so almost all of the people within in my town pass by.Am currently single and with no kids.Finally i really reading alot,and playing computer games,long tennis,basketball,horse ridding,playing music and watching movies.

My Business

firstly,i deal with plumbing materials like,washing basin,kitchen sink,telephone shower,water closet w/c and water pipes.the goods is very useful and the rate demand of the goods are always very high.Because in this modern world each and everyone is trying to get his/her house and even tho there is alot of building of offices,hostels,hotels,guest rooms, and all these projects cant be complete without washrooms and due to this demands are always very high.I decided to continue with my dad business because i really have passion for the work and i know alot abt it..I used to work with my dad at the shop during school vacations so i really like the work very well and i am 100% fit for the work and i am managing it very well and successfully.My dad establish the business and my dad started the business with bank loan and he manage to run the business very to pay the bank loan with interest and yet still the business is going on successfully.I have a company account so i always deposit half of the profit into the account and used some for expensive and used the remaining to reinvest in the growing business.

Loan Proposal

I will use the loan to buy digital computer so that i can save all my importance documents on it and also use it for my research. It will help me to be in touch with all my customers by having all their contact details on the computer and it will always help me to find new product in the system through online. That will help me to increase my profit by 5.5%.

Income Source

During the lockdown market was very bad and slow because all the borders was closed. But this time around the airport have been officially opened and there is a lot of Products on the market which will makes the sale increase and when the sales increase profit also increase so when the loan is granted for me to buy my digital computer for data entry and issuing receipts my records will be safe.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Sep 17, 2020

Repayment status


Projected term

4 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $10.51

Credit risk payment: $11.52



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