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Kelvin Kariuki

Nakuru, Kenya

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Kelvin Kariuki

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February 2015

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135 installments  •  19%

About Me

I am born in a community known of entrepreneurship.I have faced a lot of challenges in my entire childhood and my education but my passion and hope for a better tommorow have always keep me in high spirits .I love hockey ,I also plays chess ,loves reading and also am a designer.Recently I graduated from Egerton university. currently am employed and also an an entrepreneur ,have a current business in providing printing,designing,internet,typesetting services to my esteem clients who are growing in a great way.

My Business

I managed to increase my margins upto 700 dollars .I had increased and mainly did marketing for my business. I have also found a partnership venture in the field of providing internet services to corporate business and individual. They is a lot of demand in this venture thus ,I anticipate to make 1200 dollars margin , thus will also create employed in the society and help less fortunate in the society.Planning to get married soon and have four children.My new venture is in demand and hopes to get a good return.Currently I am running two cyber cafe in town ,where I have 5 personal attendants who I have employed, am also expanding the activities and services hope to employ two technical staffs,to provide and install internet dishes in my new venture to provide internet services

Loan Proposal

i plan to specialize in online freelancing which have being profitable recently due to the large number of people and the global market.
I plan to buy a new router which will cost 50 dollars.
I plan to have a reach to a wider market and increase the internet connectivity to be through out 24/7.
i wll create employmeny to some young people so as they can be independent and be empowered.






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Classic Loan

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May 19, 2016

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On Time

Projected term

11 months




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