Dry cleaner machine for my laundry service

Stephen Wanjiru

Kigumo, Kenya

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Stephen Wanjiru

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July 2014

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About Me

at around 27years ago, i was born in Muturumbi village Gatundu south sub-county in Kiambu county central Kenya region. i was born in a family of five. i.e father, mother, i and two other siblings. after seven years my dad passed away, him been the sole bread winner and there he has passed we had a very hard time because my mother didn't have a formal job. so my mom was forced to start moving from one home to the other in search for casual work to helps in our up keeping. My mom struggled until i was able to join primary school, with the little she got i managed to sit for my primary level exams and passed well. since i did well i was enrolled in secondary school in form one. since the secondary education was so expensive many of the times i was forced to be sent back home for fees. by God's help and well wishers i managed to have my Kenya certificate of secondary education and also i did very well. due to mom's low income and bearing in mind that other sibling are back in school by then, i didn't proceed even though i had grades. since i was and and i am interested in my education i started casual job in order to help mom in paying fees for the others and still deposit for mine to. I really thank God so much for the far He has taken me together with my family and the success we have today is all about Him. Now i have enrolled for a CPA course also the others are in college.

My Business

When i was doing casual work from people's farms and homes i managed to save little that i got after helping my mom on expenses and i managed to buy a small laundry cleaner and it coast 225 USD, a second hard machine. so i started a laundry in our shopping center. At first i didn't have many customers. As time we went on customers started increasing i a way that today am receiving an average of 25 customers daily. many of my customers are males where they bring coats and trouser and also shirts, ladies who come to my shop bring heavy jackets for washing and house curtains. In an average, per day i get 15 suits, 5 shirts and 5 jackets. A suit a customer pays ksh 200(3usd), a jacket is ksh 250 (3.5usd) and shirts they pay ksh 100(1.5usd). My desire is to have a big machine that can hold many clothes and also a dry cleaner machine. I have many customers who keeps on asking the dry cleaner machine due to technology but i am unable to serve them for i don't have dry cleaner machine. I inquired about the new machine and i was told that is coasting at ksh 600,000 (6727usd), the cheapest one. If i get a loan, it will assist me in catering for all my customers and i will also be able to create jobs for other youths who are not employed. Also through the loan i will be able to pay for my school fees on time. I thank the lenders so much for encouraging young youths to start advancing their lives through loans. by this many will get opportunities which in the real sense are not meant to.

Loan Proposal

when i get this loan i will be able to purchase a dry cleaner machine which will improve my business. In this town many customers travel many kilometers to search for this services mostly in bigger towns like kiambu and nairobi. When i get this loan from zindisha together with my savings i will be able to raise the required amount to purchase this machine. for now the fact is that, i have a deficit of 250 dollars and when i get this small loan i will make it to purchase. The following are the benefits that will accompany this machine:
a) The machine will attract many customers and hence give bigger income and this will help in paying of my fees in ease.
b) Due to it demand in this town many customers will turn up therefore demanding more workers an so i will employing many energetic, abled and unemployed youths thus creating job opportunities.
c) Due to good income, i will be able to raise the standard of my family and pay the fees of my siblings in ease.

I request the lenders to fund me because i have tried with my saving but cannot make it, this is because in this country the demand of this machine is going up day after the other and so its price goes up, the longer you take from purchasing the higher the price goes. If i say i will always save until i get enough for buying, i may end up not buying because the price i always raising. Thanks so much for reviewing my proposal and funding me. may God bless you so much.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Aug 27, 2014

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Projected term

3 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $150.52 at 7.36% annual rate over 3 months = $3.20

Service fee: $1.55




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