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Adwoa Priscilla

Enchi, Ghana

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Adwoa Priscilla

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September 2016

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About Me

i am adwoa priscilla. i waas born 10tth mat ,19190. i am now 25 Year's old. i done from enchi of Ghana. i had my Basic Edison at enchi junkie High School ( J ,H ,S) Ann's then further to enchi Senior High School.After complex Senor Higih my gather died Anna life became difficult me to forget my Edison to twist. my moist find it ridicule to cater for me to continue my Edison so i need to hello my mother in her proRvision stir to get Mooney for my admission to bother ship is small ship and cannot raise enough money but she tried to borrow some Mooney in addition of wheat she has and pIaid my admiration fee.curreintly i am note praying my Degree in procurdement and listens Magdalene at the undertaker of Cape Coast( level 100) seconds alregady. i Ann in the favor of fouur And i an the forest born to my patents .my honours are reading , Stuffing, drinking,watching movie,hogging and Traveling.

My Business

I dewal with permission store Goods. We swell all kind Rice, Bread, Milos, Dispute etc. These goods and serviced are Very tell to all human kind. The demands of Riqce , Brads, miles, Dispute etc is very John to the Extent that they are magic goods everyone Uses in life. I Chose this business's because it help me see money what and the Germans of is very high on my Soviet.

Loan Proposal

Please my dear lenders,i thank you for how are far you have supported my education to. Please my dear lenders I need another loan of ghs186 to buy my university education handouts. I will do my possible best to repay the loan back on time. This loan will help me to concentrate and learn well and pass my semester exams successfully.





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Classic Loan

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Jun 22, 2017

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21 months

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Service fee: $1.14



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