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Philip Mwambura

Mombasa, Kenya

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Philip Mwambura

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June 2015

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About Me

My name is Philip born in Kenya in the year 1987 raised by mum in a small village called Kilifi in the coastal region,after my birth my parents Seperated that is why I ended up raised by a single perant.l started schooling in the year 1996 where I used to attend school for only two terms a year that is first and second term only this was as a result of the poverty that is in many communities here in coast region.I used to work as a Shephered in order to get school fees and some money to buy uniforms because my mum was having a hard time since she hard a child born mentally so she could not do any work but to take care of my yanger sister and my step farther was just a local gadener.i grew up as child that had no father but at this time I had not known him I came to know him when I was in class two that time I escaped from my mum and went to my dad.l stayed with dad but when I was in class four my dad died through a road carnage the accident which involved a public vehicle and a tryllor and that is when the really trouble began because I could not go back to my mum and my grandmum was too old to take care of me so I had to servive the hard way but the only way.I managed to finish my primary education in the year 2004 I got 360 marks but no one could take me to secondary school so I decide to learn capentry in a local workshop that is where a good samaritan came took me to form one in day school.when I was in form two the guy passed away then I decided to start boda boda that time there were no motor bike so I used bicycle to ferry passengers as I go to school from Monday to Friday during Wekend I do cycling to raise funds.

My Business

My business is boda boda I started my boda boda business when I was in form two using a biycle but when motorcycles come I shifted.I started my business in the year 2006,till to date am in it since I used it to pay for my tutor and now as my proffesion.this kind of business fall under transport industry where my main service is to carry one person at a time and you charge your client arccoding to the distance covered but the shortest distance is 50 does well in areas with no any other means of transport except Boda Boda.I love it because it helps me pay for my bills and also I started a grocery through Boda Boda now I want to join college next year to study a diploma in community development so that I can work closely with the community it's my passion.if I get my Zidisha loan I will use it to pay for my college fee so that I can get my higher education which will help me find a better job and realise my dreams after a long struggle.with my diploma I can work in ngos to help the community in service delivery as I work towards developing my carrer so I would be glad to be part of the zidisha lenders in future thankyou.

Loan Proposal

I plan to buy a half sack of potatoes,source and if some money will remain i will save it to help me in times of emergency.the profit obtained i will use it to pay my loan and also get my saving as i work towards my dream.





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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Nov 16, 2017

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On Time

Projected term

6 weeks

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Service fee: $0.46


John Minges

United States

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