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Chris Mwangi

Naivasha, Kenya

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Chris Mwangi

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February 2015

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About Me

Hello Everyone,I am Chris Kingori, a Gospel Minister and farmer from Kenya.I am from a very humble background in a village deep in Kiambu County.My Parents were blessed to have 3 children,my 2 elder sisters and i.My mother was a primary school teacher,and she accidentally fell into a water pond in school,drowned & passed on in 1992.I was in High school back then,My father was a farmer and i can say we survived by grace.My Dad passed on some 2o years later in 2012.My secondary learning was a big challenge to us as my mother's salary would be used to pay for me and she was no more,luckily her benefits were paid and my whole school fees was paid.In 1995 i cleared school and in 1996 i joined some friends who gave me some temporal employment to later become permanent.While working here i enrolled myself in 3 colleges and did driving.I worked with them faithfully for 8 years.To date when they get much work they call me to assist.I later moved from Nairobi to the central rift region of kenya where i wanted to open a flowershop but things were really hard in terms of rent and new town challenges.It's then i got employed as a security guard in 2006 september.I once again worked in dedication and my boss promoted me to be the regional manager of the company.
After the 2007 post election violence i was affected and had to move towns .I am currently farming cabbages, chilli ,Kales , spinach, french beans as well as source carrots and any other fresh produce my buyers would like.Most of my clients are re sellers.I have 3 cows for a dairy farming project.

My Business

As i mentioned earlier on my introduction, much of my earning comes from farming, both crops and livestock.I also run an online store on Facebook and on Instagram, by the name ," House of Levites Duvets and Druggets" where i source and supply Duvets. I intend to create employment opportunities from my businesses as a way of giving back to the community.
I have been farming French beans, and I have subcontracted fellow farmers around my farm for more supplies towards a contract I got . That means with the current production or with sales from the online store I could be able to pay my loan on a weekly basis.
I have spaced my sowing by two weeks between plantings in order to ensure a constant supply to the client.

Loan Proposal

Greetings lenders,I am Chris k Mwangi,a farmer from Naivasha,Kenya.I am requesting some funding to enable me supply eggs and fresh produce to buyers on time.I currently have some chicken which are yet to lay and so i need to secure an egg supply order.I am also in the fresh produce supply.Currently i have a bulk order to supply purple passion fruits to an exporter.The funding will assist in guaranteed supply and i will comfortably increase my bird as well as pay back with a possibility to clear my loan in a short time.I also intend to sponsor a free medical camp as the profits grow for my fellow community members.I will be glad to have the funding and i promise to also recruit many to join Zidisha even as i aspire to become a lender soon.Thank you very much and i am a proud zidisha member.





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Classic Loan

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Feb 24, 2015

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On Time

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8 weeks

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