Electric sewing machine to increase clothing production

Vida Serwaa

Techiman, Ghana

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Vida Serwaa

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August 2017

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About Me

Vida Serwaa is my name, a native of Tanoso in Techiman-South Constituency. I was raised by my grandmother Madam Ama Nnipa in this village and educated till I completed basic primary school by which I obtained B. E. C. E certificate. I passed in distinction but could'nt futher to the next secondary level because there were no parents alive to futher my education, so I quited.
At the age 14 yrs, I join myself to my uncle Thomas to grow tomatoes so as to earn money for simstres (dressmaking) training. After the season, the plants were fruitful by the grace and mercies of Jehovah Elohim.I gain some money from my uncle for the dressmaking training.
I decided not to aquire a dressmaking training in Tanoso rural area but rather migrate to the Techiman, the urban municipal town for dressmaking training.
For 3 yrs aquisition of training and skills at Techiman, I pass through all kings of hardship but I never gave-up because I had no relative at Techiman, therefore, I press stedfastly till I completed succeessfully.
Now, for almost 10 good yrs, I had my own dressmaking centre at Techiman-Ahenfi II and had been a trainer to new trainee's. I have beloved 5 yrs daughter Benedicta Dufie, its my prayer she don't suffer as I did, but working effortfully for her higher education and high professionalism of my business.

My Business

I make dresses of cloths, weave cloths and tailoring of cloths. It has being my choice of career over 13 yrs now. Cloths and dresses are high demanded item on market. It is useful to children, adults, old age and to the dead. Cloths are fiber, textile material and a flexible material consisting of natural and artificial fiber worn on the body. It is my vision to extend and advance my sevices. I am working effortfully to improve the productivity and services with the new methods and technologies of this time. Notwithstanding, in any fruitful busines, there must be addition to modern interventions in order to yield a successful production.

Loan Proposal

Graciously, I am indeed in need of many equipments and materials such as automatic/ electric machineries to enhance good production of my clothing and sewing industry. From my preference scale, an electric sewing machine will help improve and speed the sewing processing graciously. I believe this will help me sew as many cloths per day than this my current activities whereby I sew with manual sewing machine. This electric sewing machine will help to speed my work, the clients will then receive their items on time.
The electric sewing machine may cost not less than USD 250.
There is a saying that, 'time is money' , as the work process is speeding, clients will have the assurance of getting their items on time and by so doing, calls for more businesses. This will then increase the income level rate of the business.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Nov 4, 2017

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

23 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $12.53

Optional expediting fee: $25.20

Vida opted to pay $87.49 into the Zidisha Members Loan Fund in return for a higher starting credit limit.

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