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Jackson Githinji

Nakuru, Kenya

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Jackson Githinji

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August 2016

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About Me

I am a Kenyan born on 1st January 1978 in a town known as Eldoret. I schooled at a public primary and secondary schools in Uasin Gishu County. Life was normal until my second year of college when my dad, who was the bread winner in the family, passed on due to sickness (God rest his soul). We struggled to finish my three years of electrical installation and maintenance course. In the year 2002, after college, I started working under electrical and civil contractors who gave me experience in work and a small wage to cater for my small family.
My life was average until the year 2007/8 post election violence. Life became hard at the moment, but God is always Faithful. In the year 2008, we sold most of the assets to meet the basic needs in the family but later that year I was selected for an electrical job in Nakuru County at a wood processing factory. I am working in the same company up to date and still work with some of the electrical and civil contractors as an Electrician at my extra time.
Currently I have a family; a wife, four kids. I would like to become a licensed Electrical contractor with a company of electrical works.
Electrical works is very wide and I would like to specialize in some areas. I know basics in most of electrical installations and maintenance on domestic and industrial wiring, agricultural electrical machinery, cable size layout, faults diagnosis, electrical safety and first aids.

My Business

I have taken a step in buying of most of the electrical tools and completed an electrical wireman governmental grade 3 tests. I need to buy electrical measuring instruments i.e. multimeter, current clamp meter, mega meter, e.t.c. I also need to complete the remaining electrical wireman grade tests, acquire a Kenya power and lighting working certificate, registering and managing of my own electrical works.
Factory work is also challenging if you don’t understand the advanced skills that technology is introducing in the world today. Most of the machines are computerized therefore I would like to study and acquire more skills in specific areas such as electrical machinery controls and PLC (programmable logic controls) programming. PLC programming requires a computer and the knowledge of operations.
On my part time, I like reading and researching in all areas that can help me meet my dreams.
My wish, apart from electrical contract works, is to have a manageable farm for livestock farming and poultry keeping. I will use my skills in electrical to maximize machinery operations in the firm.
Plan 1; phase 1;
Raise money, minimum ksh. 50,000. To buy electrical instruments, this is part of the tools, which will improve my working conditions.
Phase 2;
Complete the government electrical wireman grade tests and acquire an electrician license.
Phase 3;
Registration of company, as an electrical contractor.

Plan 2;
As I try to fulfill all the phases in plan 1, a parallel plan2 the PLC programming studies, farming projects and any other projects that will came my way will continue with the chances that came by.
I also have a dream of having assets of my own. The list is long but to mention a few;
1) A permanent house for my family.
2) A car for the family and business.
3) A machine for business i.e. maize mill or animal feed miller.
4) Building machinery used by civil workers.

Loan Proposal

Jambo zidisha,
Thank you so much for your help and support to my plans and projects. the next tool I need is a hand drill that will help in house wall drilling and metal work like electric fence work. this tool will reduse expense of hiring.






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Classic Loan

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Jan 9, 2019

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3 weeks

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