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Job Maosa

Nyakongo Village, Kenya

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Job Maosa

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April 2014

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189 installments  •  75%

About Me

I am a self motivated young man with the desire to leave the world a better place than I found it. After trying several online businesses, I decided to pursue my passion. I am a passionate writer who loves anything business, investment and entrepreneurial. I specialise in investment articles, particularly forex trading. My clients include business blogs and forex brokers. I was always fascinated by the financial markets since I was young but it was during my free time in university that I started researching deeper about them. I decided to focus on learning chart patterns and other forms of technical analysis. Luckily, I came across a job posting in online job sites that I successfully applied. The client liked my work and 3 years on, he is still buying my services. I take pride in being self taught and I belive many unemployed youths in my area can learn various skills that can sustain them economically as well as their families.

My Business

As I have indicated above, I write technical business content for business blogs and websites. there is huge demand for web content because websites continue to emerge daily and the market is worldwide as there are no geographical boundaries in the web.
Currently, the business generates an average of US dollars 400 monthly. My major expense in internet charges of about US dollars 50. I also pay my employee, whom I trained and who also assists me, US dollars 100. I currently have a lot of long term running projects, which I am confident will allow me to pay back the loan, even as I expand my business.
I am always online most of the time and I have encountered clients who ask for more specicialised tasks, apart from those that I offer. This is what has motivated me to set up a youth empowerment center. The centre will provide a working computer and internet to the youth. I will then train them in various skills such as audio and video transcription, data entry, ad posting and virtual assistants. I will help them source for jobs and I will charge 30% of their earnings as my commission as long as they they operate within the center. I hope to create a self sustaing center as well as empowering the youth to leverage the power of the internet to enrich themselves.

Loan Proposal

I wish to sincerely thank the lenders and the zidisha team for the support they have accorded me. On my second loan, I wish to start a center that will empower youth in my area to take advantage of the opportunities that abound in plenty over the internet. The center will give unemployed youth access to connected computers so they can work online.
There are various online jobs such as transcription, virtual assistants, blogging, technical writing and data entry that I believe youth in my area have the capacity to do.
I will use the money to acquire 3 refurbished second hand desktop computers at a total cost of $300. I will buy a d-link internet set for $100, which will include a one month unlimited internet subscription. I will use the remaining amount to buy miscellaneous tools such as headphones (which will come in handy for transcription jobs) and other learning materials. I hope to produce successful youths who will be able to support themselves and their families by fully taking advantage of the numerous online jobs. The center will charge a proposed 30% of learner's earnings for the period they operate within the center. I believe the center will have a positive impact in my area both socially and economically. I will use my own personal earnings from my writing business to service the loan. Thank you!





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Aug 28, 2014

Repayment status


Projected term

80 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $444.55 at 6.05% annual rate over 80 months = $179.47

Service fee: $105.93

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