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James Murage

Meru, Kenya

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January 2015

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About Me

Thank You for your interest in my profile. My name is James Mugwe, a 29 year old Kenyan. Right from my childhood days, my parents molded me as an honest, hardworking and determined kid, and I have kept these attributes to date. About my education, I successfully attained Secondary education, and did not make it to college although I had passed well. My parents could not make to take me to college and educate my siblings at the same time, but I am still thankful for their effort this far. Due to this reason, I have a special priority and passion for education. Whenever I get a chance, I mentor young people in primary and secondary school to take education seriously. I have a younger sister who is 8 years old and she depends on me entirely for education fees. She is very bright in class, and she motivates me to work even harder to make sure that all her education is financed without making her suffer. I have a very special interest for entertainment, and I own a gaming shop. The business has been impacted heavily by the support from the Zidisha Team. Although I come from a humble family, I can now feed my family and support my little sister’s education. Besides, I also like charity work, and I help, mentor and inspire the less fortunate whenever I get a chance. For example, we have formed welfare called “Friends of Friends” with the neighboring business people. We visit orphans and the aged during weekends. Zidisha the best financial partner I have experienced in my entire life. Any assistance from dear lenders is welcome.

My Business

My business is located at Meru Town, Tom Mboya street, at a corridor in Stanstead building. At this premise I own a gaming shop where kids come and play playing station games. At this shop, I have two playing stations (PS2) and two 24” screens. I have also created nice sofas for my customers so that they get comfortable when playing games. I charge $ 0.22 per game. Most of my customers are school kids, therefore the peak-time is past 4pm, after they have left school. The challenge I am experiencing at the moment is that the time that these kids have before they go home is very limited, and most of them do not play the number of games they would want to. Due to this reason I am seeking assistance once more from Zidisha team to assist me raise some money to set up another station soon. On a good day, I make between $ 5.56 to $ 8.88. I also own one desktop and a monitor. In future I will use the desktop during the day before most kids are out of school. The desktop in my business will burn movies for selling to local customers. The expenses in my business include paying house rent, electricity charges and replacing gaming pads as well as Maintenance such as painting or furniture works. I have a dream of creating a Mega gaming arcade in Meru town. The reason I joined Zidisha is because I found a chance for young people to secure loans for their business, as well as mentorship and inspiration.

Loan Proposal

I have a gaming shop that is located in Meru town. Precisely, most of my customers are young kids who spend their free time playing games at my premises for a fee. At my premises I have two Playing stations 2 and two 24’’ screens. I also have one desktop computer and a TFT. The reason I joined Zidisha community is to benefit from the loans that the community offers as well as being an inspiration to fellow focused young people around the world. I charge twenty shillings per game in my gaming shop. In a good day, I make up to 500 KSH. Other expenses in my premises includes electricity bills, rent and replacing the gaming pads. I have a dream of creating a mega gaming archade in Meru. My short term goal at the moment is buying a movie duplicator that will allow my business to be diversified. In future, I also intend to buy one PS3 ( $333.33) and one PS4 (555.55) . I am confident that I’ll make it with your support and it will be much easier financing my little sister's education. The value of the duplicator I intend to buy is $197.84. I know the amount requested in the loan is way lower than the value of the duplicator, but I will ask for support from friends and top up the other amount with my business' profits and savings. I hope to get assistance from dear members. Cheers!






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Classic Loan

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Jan 14, 2015

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2 months

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Lender interest: $100.16 at 6.80% annual rate over 2 months = $1.38

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