Epson printer to improve my services and earnings

Isack Opiyo

Eldoret, Kenya

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Isack Opiyo

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June 2014

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About Me

I was born in 1991 as the sixth born in a family of nine. In 1995, our father died, leaving us in the hands of our beloved mother who tried the best she could to give us a reasonable life but she also passed away in 1997 leaving us with grandma who later died in the year 2015. Primary education was easy to come by since it was relatively affordable. Secondary education, however, was quite a challenge and I only managed to complete it with the help of well wishers. After completing my secondary education in 2009, my biggest dream was to acquire college education. However, this dream has been a big challange. In 2012, I moved to Eldoret in search of a job so that I could sponsor myself through college. I worked for a year and realized that I could not save enough to see me through college from my earnings. Therefore, after working for a year, I started a computer services business in which I provide typesetting, printing, design (business cards, certificates, invitation cards, etc.), and photography services to students from neighboring schools, colleges, as well as the general public. My business pays my bills and takes care of my other needs.
After succeeding in loan I requested at first, my business improved and I managed to join a professional course (ATC/CPA) course. I therefore see myself almost achieving my dream as far as education is concerned and I still have to say thanks a lot to Zidisha team.

My Business

As already pointed out, my business provides computer services such as typesetting, document printing, photocopying, design and printing of business cards, certificates as well as invitation cards. The business also provides photography services such as passport photos and normal photos to clients. Finally, the business also stocks and sells light stationery such as envelopes, pens, and plain papers, among others. Since I began the business, I had been using a three-in-one HP printer for printing and photocopying. However, I realized that the printer limits my ability to serve all my clients. It is quite slow and can only photocopy documents with large margins. As a result, I missed several earning opportunities that came my way on a typical day and to make matters worse, the clients got away disappointed. This reduced my margins because I share my supposed profits with others who could print high quality printouts. That brought about a strong need for a bigger and more efficient printer which I succeeded in purchasing (EPSON PRINTER).
Since my business has apparently grown up I need to meet all my customer's need and therefore need to buy a more efficient photocopier which can serve my clients in a required span of time to avoid disappointment to them.
KIOSERA PHOTOCOPIER is the best for such services since it has a DF programme which converts the papers automatically. I managed to open an M-PESA shop which is currently running, although I don't have enough float to make it competent to tompetitors.

Loan Proposal

I live in Eldoret where I ventured into a business dealing in photocopying, typesetting, designing cards, photo capture and printing and selling some stationery. I ventured into this business to support myself and actualize my dream of getting a college education. It has been my desire to expand my business and make it efficient, so that I can increase my earnings as an entrepreneur. When I get the Epson printer I know I will be in a position to fulfill my dreams as mentioned above.
This printer costs approximately US Dollars 330; so if I get this loan, I will add it to what I have saved for the last one year so as to get it promptly. Without the loan, I would have to work for another year or so in order to achieve my dreams, so kindly respond to my appeal and help me on this journey.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Aug 25, 2014

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

14 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $150.52 at 7.13% annual rate over 14 months = $12.38

Service fee: $6.20




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