Installing wells to bring clean drinking water to rural areas

Nabla Francis Saibu
Bono Manso-techiman North, Ghana
Invited By: Ahmed Bishir
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Volunteer Mentor: Emmanuel Hanson

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About Me

I completed University for Development Studies in 2013. And I obtained a bachelor of arts in "Integrated Community Development". I'm self employed and a community developer. My aim is to provide the rural folks with potable water. I got money from vegetable cultivation and started my water project. The land of Bono manso is very good for vegetables and cashew. The people are very hospitable and Loving which attracted me to live here. My children would like to work as a team to fighting poverty. They have always said "dada poverty is our great enemy and we shall work hard a team to fight it"

My Business

I drill boreholes in rural communities and mechanized them so that the rural folks get potable water. The rural folks drink water from ponds, rivers, dugouts etc which is not potable at all for drinking. l decided to do this business so that water born diseases could be minimized. The cost of drilling one borehole ranges from $4166.70 $4629.60 excluding extension. Normally, I realize $18 and $6 a day for dry and rainy seasons respectful. I use my profit for reinvestment, my children education, cashew plantation and home improvement.

Loan Proposal

I would like to apply for loan of $518.00 to enable me purchase a poly tank (water reservoir) and PVC pipes to expand my business. The profit will bring improvement in my home. The rural people will get potable water which will reduce water born diseases. And it will also help me take good care of my four girls in school. Thus Nabla Francisca Sahah, Nabla Sandra, Nabla Clara and Nabla Priscilla.

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Installing wells to bring clean drinking water to rural areas

Nabla Francis Saibu
Bono Manso-techiman North, Ghana

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