Expand my grocery store to pay my college fee

Joan Chepkirui

Tenwek, Kenya

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Joan Chepkirui

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June 2014

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About Me

NURSING IS A CALLING!I am aspiring to be one.I am a 21 year old christian lady in my 2nd year of study at Tenwek Mission Hospital per-suing a diploma in Nursing.I come from a very humble background and my parents have a huge burden to meet our needs for our upkeep and studies.I have younger siblings who go to school as well.My wish is to have a source of income that will help me give a helping hand to my parents with our upkeep money,bus fare,lunch,accommodation and even school fees for my siblings.

My Business

I have set up a small grocery store near the lower hospital gate at Tenwek Mission [email protected] years ago when I joined the hospital,I saw the huge need for fresh fruits and vegetables here.My immediate market is the hospital staff,the doctors,nurses,patients,visitors and even students.Some of the doctors and nurses are expatriates o Caucasian origin and they love fresh quality fruits such as bananas,apples,oranges,sukuma wiki,spinach and a local indigenous fruit that they love so much called ISAGEK.I buy my fruits and vegetables for Ksh2000 or USD22per day from the nearby Silibwet market.I sell them for about ksh2500 a day or USD30.I make a profit of Ksh500 or usd30 per day.I pay the lady that I employed and remain with something small.There is competition but my clients prefer mine because I am so hygienic,my goods are fresh and quality and my prices are competitive.The challenges I have is capital to improve my stock and structure.

Loan Proposal

Since my last loan from Zidisha,my business has grown exponentially.The income has grown by 40 percent and has helpend me much with my school fees.I will use my next loan as follows;USD60,I will renovate my grocery structure and give it a new look.I will build a bigger wooden structure with a metallic roof.This will keep my fruits and vegetables fresh.I will also spend USD30 to buy more stock to meet my customer demands.Kindly lenders join me in this venture.Regards.
Thank you.






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Oct 9, 2014

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On Time

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6 weeks

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Lender interest: $90.73 at 0.99% annual rate over 1 month = $0.11

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