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Nana Abena Kwatemaa

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November 2016

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About Me

My name is Nana Abena Kwartemaa i come from sunyani in the brong ahofo region i am single with no kids .I start schooling at st mary preparatory school in sunyani and i compeleted my JHS there as well. after my JHS certificate i later went mfantiman senior high school in cape and i currently studying at knust and am studying statistic and i am in my first year.When i am facing hardship in my life i pray to God and i fast for directions and i also consult big people in life who have experience my difficult before in life and i also do alot of research on google and on youtube and i finally take decision base on the advice and research from other people in life.i have not yet start with a business i am currently studying and i will be doing business after my tertiary education which is very important to me.Whats really unique abt my education is that it was my aim ambition mission and goal to study statistic in the university and God be so Good i am doing that and i know alot abt my program that am studing because i planned for alot for very long time and i also learn much abt it some time ago so i am really enjoying my study in school i am not going through difficulties as some people are really going through.And i live with good and loving and caring people and respectful and serious people in the hostel so thats are very going on well and nice for me.When i gets kids i will want my kids to be lawyer and doctor and pilot because i will feel very happy if i find my kids in that positions.. i was once a volley player in school.and i play cards and swim and chat with friends and play music and make sounds with keyboard.

My Business

i am not selling goods at this time but i am schooling for now and i am very serious student and i went to raise this loan to start on with a small business in selling of pend rives on campus.Pen drive is really important on campus because am doing ur assignment u have to copy it on to the pen drive so that u will print it for submission and lecture will as student to copy lecture notes or slides from this laptop for learning on their own and u cant never do that with pen drive so pen drive is always useful on campus so far as tertiary education is involve.. And because of virus no one will allow you to borrow his or her pen drive so the best thing is to get your own pen drive for ur personal use.Currently for the information i am having now and the little research i have done i will like to get abt 1000gh for the start up which is equal almost 350$ but i have made some saving so i will add to my loan i am requesting so that i will start on with the business.Since i am a student i will use some of the profit to pay my fees and cater for my self and use some to reinvest in the business for expansion and i also use put some in my account for future use and i will also use some to pay my loan i am raising from zidisha

Loan Proposal

I am going to spend this loan on pen drives and memory cards in school and one 32g pendrive is cost 18$ per one and the memory card also cost 15$ per one and i am going to buy as much as i can with this loan.This will help me to get many items and at very low price and at many quantity.This will help me to get much profit because i will get it a very low price because i will be buying them at large amount and and it will also help people because if i get it at very low price i will also make the price affordable to everyone.Since i will be using this loan for business purpose it will create a lot of profit for me.Since i will buying the item at very large amount on whole sell price i will get enough profit on it and mt profit will also increase very high this time around.






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Classic Loan

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Jul 27, 2017

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On Time

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1 month

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