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Edwin Mmwacha

Nairobi, Kenya

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Edwin Mmwacha

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November 2016

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About Me

Am a jovial go-getter and I seek to make the best of small opportunities and turn them into a gold mine. My business came about as a venture to give myself extra cash but through the many ideas I received I discovered I was sitting on a fortune which I exploit everyday. Having a humble childhood with people who didn't believe I could make it has steered my morale all through. I love singing as a hobby and am a worship leader in our church and because of my knowledge in sound systems and electronics I serve very well in the technical and sound department. I have a passion for singing and often on my free time i teach my peers how to play advanced chord piano and in keys such as G E and F sharp am looking forward one day not only to run one enterprise but but a series of them both in product and service. Having done numerous job what motivated me was the need to have a side hustle and thereby I was able to think outside the box and come up with an electronic repair warehouse and having my knowledge coming from books classes and materials online especially from cybrary.it . I term myself privileged and one thing I know and understand there is no one who is alive that is poor we all have something to give.

My Business

I run a service venture in mathare area one located at Nairobi eastates where in my shop I deal with repairs of electrical items and maintainance. This includes repairs of DVDs, mobile phones and computers. The area am in is in demand for expertise of such items which i posses on the other hand apart from running this business i have a full time job at an advertising company which assists me in covering my expenses therefore i suppliment my earnings thereby eliminating the possibility of becoming solely dependent on my business my aim is to open more branch shops of my kind and serve many as possible.

Loan Proposal

As said earlier in my previous loans my purpose is expansipn i will use this money to buy tools for one of my employees and motivate him to do what i do i see myself as an employer for many young people. $15 dollars will be just right to buy the basis tools to kick start Him and also find a good premise for a day or two before the business can manage to eventually run itself. Currently i have $5 and the budgetary estimates for my tools include ; two rolls of smouldering iron at $5, a heating iron for $3 , pliers for $1.5 and a portable current/ voltage tester at $6. Your assistance will be much appreciated.





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Classic Loan

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May 13, 2017

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On Time

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5 weeks

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