Expansion of my cybercafé

Yaa Agyapong Agyeiwaa

Suhum, Ghana

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Yaa Agyapong Agyeiwaa

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April 2016

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220 installments  •  90%

About Me

I was born and raised in okroase a small village in suhum in the eastern region of Ghana. After my secondary school education I was forced to learn a trade because my parents couldn't afford to take care of me through tetiary education. And this was how come i started my own business-INTERNET CAFE and educational supply with the help of friends. I started with five computers but with the help of zidisha I now have eight and still counting. I also have a photocopy machine and attached to it is a printer to print out for students. my shop is located near a school which is within commercial area in Suhum.
The unique culture in Suhum is the Odwira festival which is celebrated between October and November every year. My little daughter who wants to be a nurse or lawyer is counting on mummy for her dream to come true. I went to the kakum national park in Cape coast and it was really fun with my friends and daughter . I love watching movies and also a football fun.

My Business

I provide internet cafe services in addition to the stationary . My shop is situated near a school so the students are always photocopying their handouts, making research at the cafe and buying stationary from me as well.
I sell foolscap note books both the large and the small size, scientific and casio calculators, assorted pens,exercise books, permanent and temporal makers and mathematical sets. I do also sell story books for beginners. My services are very useful because the shop is situated near a school which help the students easy access in their education by doing research, buying their stationary from me and other learning materials. I chose this kind of business because cafe and stationary shops around that area are few and profitable as well. Through the profit earned I am saving towards my little girls education and also reinvest into my business by buying cartridges for the printer and the photocopy machine

Loan Proposal

This time around I would like to use the loan to expand my business by adding the sale of stationary such as books, pens, mathematical set, crayons, exercise books, pen drives etc. to increase productivity. Since my business is located around a school, I intend selling of provisions such as Milo, sugar, Nido, biscuits and toffees as well. The reasons of adding these items are because at time students move to the main market to buy when they are short of either provisions. If I am able to expand by adding all these items my profit will increase





  • David    Apr 27, 2020

    Once again, this was a long term, large value loan with excellent repayments. Originally scheduled to take twelve months to repay, the loan was paid off in less than ten months. I wish you and your business continued success.

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  • David    Jun 8, 2019

    Regular, weekly payments were made for eight months before a large payment finished the loan in under nine months. This is an impressive record given the higher value of the loan. Well done.

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  • melissapmeier    Feb 7, 2018

    I would be happy to lend to you again! Best wishes for your continued success!

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Classic Loan

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Sep 5, 2016

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On Time

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3 months

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Service fee: $7.85



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Jan 2, 2017


Fully repaid

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Sep 18, 2016 $20.59 Sep 18, 2016 $20.59
Sep 25, 2016 $20.59 Sep 25, 2016 $20.59
Oct 2, 2016 $20.59 Oct 2, 2016 $20.59
Oct 9, 2016 $20.59 Oct 9, 2016 $20.59
Oct 16, 2016 $20.59 Oct 17, 2016 $20.59
Oct 23, 2016 $20.59 Oct 24, 2016 $20.59
Oct 30, 2016 $20.59 Oct 31, 2016 $20.59
Nov 6, 2016 $20.59 Nov 7, 2016 $20.59
Nov 13, 2016 $20.59 Nov 14, 2016 $20.59
Nov 20, 2016 $20.59 Nov 22, 2016 $20.59
Nov 27, 2016 $20.59 Nov 28, 2016 $20.59
Dec 4, 2016 $20.59 Dec 7, 2016 $20.59
Dec 11, 2016 $20.59 Dec 11, 2016 $20.59
Dec 18, 2016 $20.59 Dec 18, 2016 $20.59
Dec 25, 2016 $20.59 Dec 25, 2016 $20.59
Jan 1, 2017 $9.01 Jan 2, 2017 $9.01
Jan 8, 2017 $-11.58