Expanding my family grocery shop

Yonah Kusimba

Nairobi, Kenya

53% repaid



Yonah Kusimba


Nairobi, Kenya

On-time repayments

213 weekly installments  •  82%

About Me

I was born in a family eleven children's being seven born my life in family was never easy because we used to stay with mum for dad was working far and it was hard for him to be at home he could be found only at holiday it was for the family to do work in farm at my young age i could first go to dig land before going to school sometimes we go without lunch yet i was hard work boy at school i only repeated in class seven not because i fail but to allow my brother go first after doing class eight i joined secondary only for one year and dropped for lack of school fee this to try my luck in causiol laper

My Business

As i was doing this hard job my spinal cord had a problem because of hard work while i still young this turned my focus from doing hard work and started a business of hawking in my home town after one year in mixed with farming and this where all my life changed to another direction for when the crops were ready for heavest my mum could sell without asking my permission this forced me to run away from home because i did not want to fight with my mum this was Complet turn around of my life for i was to start seeking for job then got in security firm which under paid me i suffered for one year i resigned then my friend introduced me to Boda Boda riding bike it was somehow better until 2008 when clashes arised in nakuru town where i staying i runned for my life coming to Nairobi and join hotel as a clearner and learned to cook after which i left to look for a job as a cook which i did for two years payment was not good a friend introduced me on courier sevicer which i did for two years learning how the job was being done i started raising money to buy motorcycle so i could start my own it was not easy but with dertemination i was able to get second hand motorcycle that has not giving good service through this hardship was able get new small one that am using even if it is not enabling me to save my customers fully yet am focused to expand my business to clearing and forwarding if get source and directions on how to do my business is regestart full.
after much deliberation with my wife we agreed to open a family grocery shop as this would boost our family income. i am therefore planning to open a shop for my wife , she will be be the shopkeeper and i will be assisting.

Loan Proposal

hello am planing to buy
1 sugar [email protected],000
2 cearals 10bags bean soya maize ndengu [email protected],000
3 salt tealeaf royco indomine sweats and allother small things in [email protected],000
4 carring bags and packing bags 5,000
5 mpesa 35,000 aready is working with little amount

Income Source

the estate am living in people have started to rertun in town after staying home at rural now i see getting my money in this bussines itself to repay my loan





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jul 7, 2020

Repayment status


Projected term

8 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $39.52

Credit risk payment: $47.43




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