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Miriam Bortey

Tema, Ghana

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Miriam Bortey

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May 2017

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198 installments  •  57%

About Me

Hello, I am Miriam a clothing designer.
I design for both ladies and gents, and kids. I love to create new ideas. I learnt to make garrison cap on my own, and honor sashes. I could make my personal purse and hand Bags. I have grown to love sewing. I love what i do and i put myself in every bit of it. I have come to understand my career is a gift from God, and I thank God for that. I love to make new friends and explore. My childhood life wasn't easy. My mum had to go to the market and send home money for my upkeep. Mum sends home money, and my sisters was taking care of me at home and schooling. I see mum on Sunday's and sometimes when I am on vacation, I join her at the market. When I got into the middle class I was old enough to do a few things for my self. And I work on vacations to support mum. When I completed Junior High School. I couldn't further my education. I met a friend who is a seamstress and I had to stick to them to learn the trade. The boss agreed to teach me for free, so I enrolled and after 2years I graduated. Life at that times was very hard sometimes I have to go to work with an empty stomach. My boss and his family help me out by adding my name to their list so I can eat there. But God willing I said through. When I got on my own, my brother helped me purchase a machine and was working at home. But for a while I joined my brother in his shop and working towards setting my own shop. This is how my business started . All thanks and praises to God Almighty. I have a special hobby which I am attached to. I am an athlete, a regular jogger and I love to swim both in sea and pool. I love to read a lot and research on things I have little idea of. I have a bit of fidgeting character specially with electrical gadgets. This is me, I am a happy and free person.

My Business

I am a seamstress and I make ordered custom made clothing for customers. I provide fabrics for dress making. These fabrics I provide are what we use in making all types of dress designs and garments. Therefore they become first in the line of work.
I chosed this business becauseI have passion for it. And because sewing makes you become creative and smart in almost all areas. And sewing is always on daily and weekly basis. Work comes in all the time.
when I provide the fabrics, work becomes faster. Because I provide the fabric and design it myself then I complete it and deliver it. It increases the amount of the work and the profit as well. Providing the fabrics myself helps a lot.
I reinvest my profit in the growing of my business.
I get other things needed in the business which helps the business grow better.

Loan Proposal

this loan that will be provided to me, Will be used in buying different types of fabrics and sewing equipments for my shop. Such as fabrics( different types which cost about 20$ each) threads(25dollars), buttons(25$), coat stiffs (50$). Linens(50$). pins, glue gun. Such as these makes sewing easier.
When I get all these in installment, it's makes works becomes easier for me to produce for my clients. Because when it is installment it reduce wasting of time. You have all you need and do not need to go out everyday to buy. It will help me a lot in my work.
When I improve my work with all these, it will increase my profit up about 40%. Because when I buy then in bulk the cost becomes lesser and the profits go higher.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Apr 2, 2018

Repayment status


Projected term

39 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $13.67

Credit risk payment: $27.35

Miriam opted to pay $91.79 into the Zidisha Members Loan Fund in return for a higher starting credit limit.



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