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Irene Wacera

Kiambu County, Kenya

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Irene Wacera

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October 2019

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About Me

Irene is a fourth born girl of the late mr.&Mrs Nguu from GATUNDU south constituency,kiambu county,Kenya, in a village known as mundoro.I went in a primary school in my village and later joined mugoiri girls high school in muranga county.After my o level I started working in highland hotel in Nairobi as a waitress and later to a cashier till the year 2020 when the country was hit by the covid 19 epidermic .This is the time I left my job at highland hotel after it closed down.I later went home and bought three heifers from the saving I had.Am now a dailyfarmer qualified by the experience.

My Business

Am a dairy Farmer who is milking 50 litres of milk.This is an increase of about 20 litres of milk after I got my first loan from Zidisha and purchased farmfeeds and supplements.I sell my milk to a company called brookside dairies whereby one litreof milk cost 35kshs.Thus I manage to pocket about 1000kshs perday this being gross profit.Literary here the milk is never enough.This is because the villagers also searches for this product alot.This is why am thinking of expanding this business inorder to serve more people.

Project Proposal

Am planning to buy More farmfeeds for my livestock inorder to to produce more milk.This loan will help me alot since feeds and supplements are more milk productive.having more milk means more profit whereafter am planning to repair my cowshed using this profit.





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Sep 25, 2021

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Noord Brabant, Netherlands

Francis Agyei

Accra, Ghana

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  • Irene Wacera    May 6, 2022

    Am back to usual business after covid-19, which affected my business greatly, but am at the starting line.

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  • Irene Wacera    May 2, 2022

    I was not working for quite some time due to being affected by COVID.

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  • Irene Wacera    Feb 11, 2022

    I was not feeling well hence the delay in payment but now am well. I will try my best to clear as quickly as I can.

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  • Irene Wacera    Nov 11, 2021

    Am sorry to say am unable to pay my instalment as scheduled because I was quarantined for three weeks after one member of my family was found to be covid 19 positive.I had no finance left after the expenses,but now am out and healthy.i will work hard to catch up.

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  • Irene Wacera    Sep 25, 2021

    Thanks my lenders for the past loan you funded.It helped alot by purchasing farmfeeds and supplements for my dairy cows.By that they added their production from 30 litres per day upto 50 litres per day.This is as a result of Zidisha loan.thanks again.

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  • Irene Wacera    Sep 4, 2021

    Thanks my lender.I received my loan and will definitely make sure I purchase farmfeeds and supplements.I hope next time I will be in a progressived state.

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  • Irene Wacera    Sep 4, 2021

    Hello my lenders,God bless you ubandantly for funding my loan.It helped me purchase farmfeeds for my cows.This move has made them to add more milk production upto 3litres per cow per by now the cow with least litres perday is 18litres.were it not for your funding,I could not have managed to get that extra profit.Thankyou so much.

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  • Irene Wacera    Aug 30, 2021

    Hello my lenders.I can surely say that this loan helped me alot.I bought farmfeeds for my dairy cows and I can say that within those few days ,I have started to get more milk production,each cow has an additional of one to two litres of milk,which means an additional profit.Thanks so much for making this happen.

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  • Irene Wacera    Aug 27, 2021

    Thank you my lenders for funding my loan.I received a total of 1 174kshs which I used to purchase farmfeeds for my hoping to add more production from these,and also growing with Zidisha lenders since am a new member . thanks alot.

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  • Irene Wacera    Aug 26, 2021

    These are not only cows but they are money makers.Each produces about 15litres of milk.What am sure of is that with Zidisha they will Zidisha that amount to about more than 20litres per day.

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  • Irene Wacera    Aug 25, 2021

    Once my loan is successful,am going to roof the cowshed so as to protect them from the rain season expected in october.heavy rains and wind makes these precious animals to reduce yield and hence less profit.I will also provide them matresses so that they sleep comfortably.As shown in the photo below,they are currently sleeping on a wooden structure, which am aware that they are not comfortable with.

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