Ruth Michuhie

Bahati Nakuru, Kenya

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Ruth Michuhie

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January 2013

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40 installments  •  20%

About Me

My is Ruth Wangari Michuhie. I was born in year 1969 in place called Narobi Pumwani Hospital we lived in Bahati Estate Nairobi. I went to Heshima Road Primary School. Then in year 1981 my parent moved to Limuru in a village called Murengeti . I joined class five in Murengeti Primary School. Then after sitting for KCPE I joined Rift Valley Adventist secondary school. Then after Secondary Education I joined my parent in the farming business. Then I got married and we went to live in Nakuru at place called Bibirioni in Bahati where we are still living up to date. I have five children who are all in school ,they are four girls and one boy.

I come from Bahati at a place called Bibirion 15 km from Nakuru town along Bahati Forest which is usually known as Bahati Scheme. Bahati Scheme boaders Bahati Forest as one leaves Nakuru town on your way to Bahati Centre you go past Bahati Centre then to Molop you branch on your right then you take a rough road that lead to Phylis Muthoni Memorial P.C.E.A Church, just adjacent your ask for Tito farm plot no. 1/17 Bibirioni

My Business

I do a business of selling timber, I buy trees from the farmers and then I take it to timber yard and sell it. I use power saw to cut the trees then I look for a vehicle to transport the timbers to my timber yard which is situated at Bahati next to bus stage it is known by the name Jamir timber yard. From this business I get about 150000 per month so the annual income is 150000x12 I use the amount as follows I pay the salaries of the workers, buy stock (trees) pay for transport and of course I cater for my family up keeper pay school fees .I also do the farming as business where grow maize, beans , potatoes and I get about 100000 from this business, I use the amount to continue the business help my parents and also do home projects. Our area boarders the forest and sometime when the government wants to sell the trees we do buy from them. During that time our business makes a good profit because the transport is less and the time spent to take the trees to timber yard is less.

Loan Proposal

I would like to use the amount to prepare the farm this is because in our area the planting season is around the corner and many farms are very busy preparing their farms so by the end of this month of February farmers will start planting their farms. I will use the loan to buy seeds this because i have some money set aside for buying fertilizer and for farm preparation . i hope the loan will be able to be raised before the end of this month. I thank all lenders in advance. Thank you all Zidisha team for the good work.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Mar 2, 2015

Repayment status


Projected term

6 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $466.54 at 0.03% annual rate over 6 months = $0.08

Service fee: $10.12

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Sep 27, 2015


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Mar 15, 2015 $16.55 Mar 15, 2015 $16.55
Mar 22, 2015 $16.55 Mar 15, 2015 $0.04
Feb 14, 2019 $10.99
Mar 29, 2015 $16.55
Apr 5, 2015 $16.55
Apr 12, 2015 $16.55
Apr 19, 2015 $16.55
Apr 26, 2015 $16.55
May 3, 2015 $16.55
May 10, 2015 $16.55
May 17, 2015 $16.55
May 24, 2015 $16.55
May 31, 2015 $16.55
Jun 7, 2015 $16.55
Jun 14, 2015 $16.55
Jun 21, 2015 $16.55
Jun 28, 2015 $16.55
Jul 5, 2015 $16.55
Jul 12, 2015 $16.55
Jul 19, 2015 $16.55
Jul 26, 2015 $16.55
Aug 2, 2015 $16.55
Aug 9, 2015 $16.55
Aug 16, 2015 $16.55
Aug 23, 2015 $16.55
Aug 30, 2015 $16.55
Sep 6, 2015 $16.55
Sep 13, 2015 $16.55
Sep 20, 2015 $16.55
Sep 27, 2015 $16.63