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Joseph Ojuok

Nairobi, Kenya

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Joseph Ojuok


Nairobi, Kenya

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About Me

My Name is Joseph Ojuok from Kojwach Ringa village in South Nyanza, Homabay county am the second last born in a family of ten. I went to Kojwach Primary School and later Joined Ringa Secondary School as a days collar. Where i cleared my fourth form. I have survived with my mum for so many after losing my dad in 1978 when I was four years old. My mother who since I was born is a village mother took care of us with small business of selling fish and milk, I admire her for that. I am married and blessed with two beautiful kids’ one in form two and another in class 5. Both in public government schools. I would love my children to live a comfortable life when they grow up and have good jobs than being a local business man as I am.

My Business

I developed interest to produce local poultry that I put on the market as well as sell eggs one and half years ago. I personally went to Kenya Agricultural research Institute to inquire more and be advised on how to start breeding local chickens for commercial use. Their field Consultant Mr. Martin properly advised me on how to construct chicken house, vaccination and feeding programs, Hence I ordered from them( KARI )50 chickens. Out of 50, 10 died and remained with 23 layers and 3 cocks the rest I sold off(Cocks only). I am happy every day I get 15-18 eggs which sell at ksh 20 each. Many village farmers come to me for the eggs to hatch on their own because I have a specially improved Chicken which lay fertilized eggs every day. My chickens are good quality so I have many clients mainly farmers who admire my farm. I have one dedicated person who help me in vaccination of my chickens and often look for their food and hygiene. I have saved from sales of eggs and recently 4 months back ordered for another one hundred chickens (100) which are to start laying in less than 2 months from now. It is my dream to expand my farm to a limit it is recognized by our extended community and government at large as a source of income for many people.
If you lend me credit, it will not only allow me to expand my poultry farm but I will also employ others at the village level hence also play role in reducing poverty in our country. Above all my income will increase and I shall be able to help other less fortunate in our society.
Thank you

Loan Proposal

Buy more chicken feed and put in stock next 6 weeks when i will start selling eggs from the second flock. Total available 118(Cocks and Layers)
118 free range chicks subsidized feeds on approx 80gms =9.44Kgs per day
Within 60 days total subsidized i am expected to purchase is
9.44 by 60days=566.4Kgs
One bag of 80kgs =21.18
Total bags of feed for 2 months=8 bags ( 8 by 21.18) =169.44
Minimum eggs only expected per day =40 eggs @ 0.235 per egg ( 9.4 per day)
Gross Profit bi monthly(9.4 by 60days) =564Less feeds,salaries,transport,medicine etc(169.44+94.1+23.52+14.11) = 262.83 NET PROFIT.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jan 20, 2015

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

3 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $100.16 at 10.18% annual rate over 3 months = $3.28

Service fee: $1.62

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