Raising indigenous chickens

Lilian Kithuka

Nakuru, Kenya

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Lilian Kithuka

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April 2014

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About Me

My name is Lillian Mueni Kithuka.I come from a family of 4siblings, 2 sisters and one brother. I currently live in Nakuru town, freehold estate. I graduated from Egerton university with a bachelors degree in business management. I have a full time job as an accountant at a private firm in Nakuru town which i earn $284 on a monthly basis. I have great passion for rearing chicken and my biggest dream is to become one of the best suppliers in Nakuru town and later extend to the whole country. My side job i keep indigenous chicken for the purpose of eggs and meat. I have 100 indigenous chickens. On a daily basis i collect 70 eggs, which i sell them locally to my neighbors and nearby shops.

My Business

My source of income comes from the monthly salary I get and also through the rearing of the indigenous chicken. Many people prefer the indigenous eggs since the nutrition value is high compared to the modern chicken. I have 100 indigenous chickens which give me 70eggs daily. I prefer the breed since they are not prone to diseases. On a monthly basis i collect 1960eggs.I sell one egg @ $0.12.My typical monthly revenue from selling eggs is $235.2.My expenses include the feeds which cost $34.05.My labor is cheap since i stay with my nephew who works online and since he is always at home he looks after them and i give him a token of $22.7 in a month. My net profit on a monthly basis is $178.45.My great desire is to have a large scale commercial business in supply of indigenous eggs and chicken meat with several permanent employees.

Loan Proposal

When i get funded i will be able to purchase feeds for my chicken @ $361.This will include three bags of each 50kg of chicken feeds.The remaining $3 i will use for transportation.

This will enable me to have a peace of mind that my chicken will have a constant flow of feeds for a longer time and also the more the weight of a chicken the more i will charge depending on the weight accumulated.It will also be beneficial to my customers since they will be able to get a more healthy chicken,My neighbors will also have a peaceful night since during the night the chicken wont make noise due to lack of taking enough food.

My profit will increase almost double since they will have a constant flow of feeds and hence increase weight.






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Classic Loan

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Jun 21, 2017

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On Time

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88 months

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Service fee: $15.92




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