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Charles Butiko

Nairobi, Kenya

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Charles Butiko

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April 2014

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About Me

I am Charles Butiko, a Kenyan Development Consultant (and trainer), with a background in engineering, business management & entrepreneurship, and environmental management. I am a social chain entrepreneur with interests in chemical & food technology, agribusiness, renewable energy &environmental conservation, education, research, and cottage industrialization. I work through both business, and community development models, which enable me work with
several people, schools, government institutions, non-governmental
organizations, and private enterprise.I am an innovator, a thinker and enjoy providing solutions to people's challenges. I also serve as a motivational speaker
during community development forums. Through Integrated Development program, I launched a number of 'community development initiatives' including 'integrated sustainable development practical life skills program'. Through this, I am constantly getting opportunities to empower groups and individuals.

My hobbies are traveling, discussing issues, and meeting and making new friends. I am very passionate about our recent 'sustainable practical life skills program' for community. We started with training groups and individuals how to make, package and brand sanitation & beauty products like soap, hair shampoo, disinfectants, and organic home-made insecticides. We then source raw material for them and offer technical support during their project work. This has received an overwhelming response and I can see it grow wider since we plan to introduce other modules in food technology, renewable energy technology, water technology, and organic/herbal health solutions.

My Business

I work as a development consultant, researcher, social entrepreneur, and community development leader, and motivational speaker. Through Integrated Development Agency, I have teamed up with others to create a difference in people's lives by partnering with various organizations to initiate the integrated development program which works and proposes to continue working in various sectors.

Our most interesting programme is the 'integrated sustainable practical skills programme'. This program has modules premised on different sectors like: sanitation, beauty, food technology, renewable energy technology, organic/herbal health, and business improvement. Sample practical modules include: how to make & package soap, hair shampoo, disinfectants (under sanitation); glycerine, lotions, creams, beauty soaps, other (beauty); yoghurt, ice cream, jam, tomato sauce, chilli sauce (food technology); biogas, biodiesel, energy briquettes (renewable energy); herbal health solutions (health); business plans, project proposals, strategic plans( business improvement). We organize training forums and charge at least USD 3 per head. We can serve at least 50 attendants per session and hold at least 2 sessions per week. Thereafter we supply raw material to all interested in making the products from home. This program is picking up well and complements my income from selling products like: soap, shampoo, glycerine, disinfectants, honey, and from other talks. I have also partnered with a firm to supply secondary school students with scientific calculators at subsidized costs (the subsidy is a benefit on costing based on bulk order discounts) early 2016.

Loan Proposal

For selected client businesses, my business, Machetic Chemso has started partners with established players.
After training some trainees in cosmetic products production, I developed interested in some of the products: hand & body creams, and hair shampoos. Together with my experienced partner, we are expanding this line of business since the partner had already started the production. It cost about 1 USD on average to produce a liter of shampoo and the same amount to produce about 200g body lotion. The margin in the Kenya market is good since the gross margin is about 100% of that amount. Our weekly production capacity is 50 cartons of 12 units of the cream each, and the same amount for the hair shampoos. On total production, we plan to take the growth to full capacity, hence make a gross margin of about 1200 USD per week. With this plan, we will be able to service any loan we may seek and create a financial capacity to grow our markets hence our produced volumes. I will use my loan to complement my acquisition of my stake in the business. This is a fast growing business and I am sure our fast growth projections will work since our brands are competing favorably in local salons, shaving shops, and we are now targeting to supply major beauty shops, and supermarkets. In future we will diversify into other relayed products that are marketable in the local beauty industry.






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Classic Loan

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May 27, 2014

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On Time

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5 weeks

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Atlanta, United States

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