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Vivian Irabor

Ikeja, Nigeria

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Vivian Irabor

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February 2022

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About Me

My name is Vivian irabor I finished secondary school two years ago but don't have money for University level..but I started a small food stuffs business which is bringing in money a bit, so now I want to expand my business but no funds..

My Business

I have a small business where I sell food stuffs and also fry yam and potatoes for sale too..I sell any kind of food stuffs such as rice, bean, yam and others..I started this food stuffs business last year, but hoping to expand the business this year but no funds.. people come to patronize me , but don't have them in my shop, that's the reason I need money to expand it.
In a day I sell much and make profits too

Project Proposal

I will use the money to stock my shop so that I can meet and sastisfy my customer needs.. right now I have much demands, so the money will help me meet up customers demands.. thanks





Project Info

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Pay It Forward

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Date disbursed

Feb 19, 2022

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Service fee: $0.26


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  • Vivian Irabor    Sep 2, 2022

    With the past loans, I have been able to double my stock of my food stuff business and that means increased sales. I however still need more stock since the target market is vast and the current stock in still low in terms of serving all my customers. I'll use this loan to boost my stock so that I can increase my sales, get more profit and reach a higher customer base. Pls I need a better loan of 100$ to achieve this target.

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  • Vivian Irabor    Aug 1, 2022

    This loan has been helping me in my business and I want to thank zidisha for granting me this opportunity because through this loan I have been able to stock up my shop

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  • Vivian Irabor    Apr 5, 2022

    It has helped a little in my business which I appreciate so much but I need a higher loan that can expand my business without limit

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  • Vivian Irabor    Feb 23, 2022

    Thanks zidasha for the previous loan..I have been able to use the money and get some items in really helped me meet the needs of my customers..

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  • Vivian Irabor    Feb 21, 2022

    Thanks zidasha I have received the fun which has helped me to get some items for my business... looking forward to a higher loan..

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  • Vivian Irabor    Feb 19, 2022

    First I want to thank zidasha for helping me when I needed money for my business, I was able to use the to get some stuff in my shop which yelded profit, but I hope to get a higher amount that can generate much profit..thanks..

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  • Vivian Irabor    Feb 13, 2022

    I received 1973.00
    I used the money to buy some items for my business.. thanks zidasha hoping to get a higher loan..

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