Buying and selling oral-hygiene products

Nakoja Nandam

Kintampo, Ghana

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Nakoja Nandam

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October 2017

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10 installments  •  70%

About Me

I'm called nankoba john, a boy of 22 years of age.completed Gulumpe junior high this level, we where having only two teachers who take us through almost all the cores. Due to that, my academic performance was very low when l got to SHS. Beside that, my finance aspect also was a problem. But with God and determination, i was able to excell. For me to be able to further my education to the university, i have to fine a job so l can save which landed me in to selling yams thus buying from the farmers and reselling and also sublingual and bucal medicine which is MOUTH WASH. Passing through all this, I'm trying to build a strong foundation for my future. Not only economically but also spiritually. As a youth president in my Church, I use to encourage my colleagues to make it possible in having their own businesses. As I indulged myself in to this business, it motivated most of them in creating their businesses with a little that they are having which is rally helping them in team of their finances. This Ginger them in participanting fully in activities carrying out in the church which contributed in their spiritual growth.

My Business

The products that I provide is supplying of yams and mouth wash. Main reason why I indulge myself in to this busines is to provide good oral hygiene. Most especially to help those in the community who have mouth or oral problems like halitosis, stomatitis and the rest and also to help promote the work of farming by increasing the demand of supply. This products my cost me about $500 for me to expand it to meet the demands of the people in the area. But I stated with about $20.the interest is used for extension of the business. Hope within no time my request will be granted. God bless you for your contributions to my success. With the help of zidisha, I shall make it to the fullest. Thanks

Loan Proposal

If the loan is granted, $30 will be use for the products. $10 will be reserve for transportation to the market areas. $5 for my provisions. When I take the products, the interest I gain is 100 percent of the principal amount .





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Dec 2, 2017

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

6 weeks

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $1.27




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