Freezer for storing meat

Caroline Muna

Athi River, Kenya

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Caroline Muna


Athi River, Kenya

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About Me

My name is Caroline Muna. I am a second born in a family of five. Four boys and I. We were brought up in a small village known as Kioru. During my childhood, since i was the only girl, most of my responsibilities were given to me. My mother used to tell me that as a girl who once will be a woman, i needed to be responsible always and hardworking. I was born and bled in Eastern part of Kenya. This is where i went for my school up to college level. At that time life was abit tough for my parents who were and are peasant farmers to educate us. We were always in and out classrooms because of school fees. We used to walk bare footed. I used to wish for a better life and so thought that after school i had to get a good paying job. This wasn't so but used to survive on the little things i got. After school, i moved to the city to live with my aunt as i searched for a job. I stayed for two years without any but eventually i secured a job in a Steel Company. This is where i started saving little by little. I later left my place of work due to the health of my last born child. She was born with less calcium and this required lots of attention . Since the management could not allow absenteeism every week i opted out. Having in mind how my kids dream of becoming big personalities in the future i had to think on how to make life easier . That's how i thought of starting a small business that will not tie me always. In this i mean i had time to take of the ailing kid as required. Kelvin, my first born would like to do architecture or a professional footballer. Ian would like to be a doctor. I like challenges and always happy if i overcome.

My Business

Since i did not have lots of capital to start a business, i thought of less expensive and simple to deal with. I had to look for a room to rent and at that location saw that there was no other business like the one i had in mind. This is how i settled in starting selling Goat's Meat. My butchery is called Kipepeo Top Butchery, located in Kitengela town, Kajiado County. In this location, this land is known as a place of juicy meat. i.e. very nice meat. People visit us from other counties just to taste meat of this land. We normally sell it raw, cooked. We either roast, fry or boil the meat. Unlike other businesses i found this cheap and not complicated as i said before.
sell ten to twelve kilograms of meat a day on good days and half of the same on bad days. In this am able to pay meat and restock again.
Little profits i get here enable me pay for organisations like merry go rounds and other social groups. e.g. traditional ones. Also it enables me buy few things for my kids too. e.g. Stationery for school and home, toys, snacks. In good times i contribute in paying their school fees as well as buy goods like shoes and clothes. I also get afew coins to send to my ageing parents and grand parents.

Loan Proposal

Since this would not be enough for a freezer, i will start by buying a manual [email protected] 4$, a [email protected]$, a new battery for the weighing [email protected] $13 and a cooking gas cylinder @$62. If there would be extra money, i will increase the stock.
Hacksaw would help me cut the bones of the meat without cracking them and a battery will enable me save on energy since the machine will not be connected to the electricity always. Also the gas (Meko) will enable people enjoy their meal other than prepared using charcoal which has smoke.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jun 5, 2015

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

8 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $5.01

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